Friday, June 4th, 2021

Summer tells Abby that she confided her insecurities to Jack and Sharon (whose advice was spot on) Abby gives her the opposite advice; be bold; take command; start planning your wedding. Don’t be scared off, be motivated.

Vikki knows that romance has a way of leveling off after the I do’s. Ashland’s surprised that she manages to pull out the ‘painful truth’ from him. Tara didn’t just have an affair. He won’t say what else she did – but she’s no saint.

Tara tells Kyle that she once went out for dinner with some friends. The nanny turned her back for a moment and Harrison fell. He had to go to the ER. No stitches or broken bones but Ashland went ballistic and blamed her for not being with Harrison. He always throws it in her face. Kyle repeats that she’s a great Mother. No, there’s nothing else Ash could use against me, she assures.

Tara needs to go tuck Harrison into bed. She doesn’t want Ashland to accuse her of neglecting her son. Of course she’ll do Kyle a favor (after all he’s done for her) and of course he can read his son a bedtime story.

Billy’s disinterested in Jack’s update on Abby. He’d rather know why Tara Locke is living under his roof. Lily’s sorry – you didn’t come over for an interrogation. ChanceCom will have to go elsewhere for content; Jack has no comment. Billy persists – why should I drop it? Because it might harm my grandson! Jack blurts out (and immediately wishes he didn’t)

Summer orders room service; sweets and champagne, then sends Kyle a text. Love and miss you – come home, it’ll be worth it.

Harrison all tucked in, Kyle’s about to read him a bedtime story but first reads Summer’s text and replies that he’ll be home soon. I’ll be waiting, Summer then picks out some lingerie.

As Kyle reads a rhyming story called Daddy and Me, Tara watches in the doorway. ‘Daddy’, Harrison chirps. Yes, he’d like to hear the story again.

Jack explains the full story – the most important part is that Harrison is family; publishing any part of this will harm an innocent child (and further infuriate Ashland) Much to Lily’s dismay, Billy pushes Jack until he leaves (hoping they’ll be very happy in their lovely home) Great – are you happy now? she asks Billy as the door firmly shuts.

Ashland apologizes. It’s self-centered of him to have droned on about his woes. Now her turn, Vikki gushes about her kids – Katie’s on a hockey team and Johnny’s just hysterical. Apologizing, she didn’t think her stories would bore Ashland because he’s a Father. Ashland adores Harrison but turns out he’s not my son. Vikki quickly guesses that Kyle’s the Father.

Do you like? Summer models her lingerie for Kyle. With a kiss, she announces that she wants to get married asap. Hopefully, he feels the same way. His passionate kiss indicates he does.

Sitting on her staircase at home, Abby makes a recording for Chance. Hey handsome. She advised a friend today not to shy away from love. Work hard and make it the best it can be. You never know when love is coming, or when you can lose it.

A frustrated Jack comes home to tell Tara that he wished he stayed home to have mac and cheese with Harrison. Family’s a powerful thing but can get under your skin. Asked about her family, Tara only has an estranged brother – that’s why she so appreciates Jack’s hospitality. He’s happy that This house is finally coming back to life and delighted to hear that Tara and Harrison will be staying a while longer.

When did Locke find out about the affair? How did he find out? Is that why he came after Jabot? Billy sees many angles they can pursue. For the article we promised not to write? Lily lists everyone this could hurt. We’re dropping this – right? Right, Billy says unconvincingly. Lily then clip-clops upstairs.

Still at Society, Ashland raves about Harrison. How could Tara do this to me? Tricking me into loving a child that’s not mine. Regardless of what the DNA results are, Ashland hates the idea of sharing custody with the man his wife cheated on him with. YOU are Harrison’s Father, Vikki doesn’t share DNA with her son. I’m his Mother, nothing will change that.

Kyle’s in the shower when his phone pings. Summer’s devastated by Tara’s message; I can’t tell you how much it meant to Harrison to have his Daddy read him a story. And how much your support means to me.