Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

Nick’s at CL’s with Rey and Sharon. He suspects Faith will be roped into helping Summer with wedding plans (which he now supports) Faith arrives to say she’s more comfortable with her rehab meetings and is thinking about what her future holds. Moses is rubbing off on her – she wants to find something she’s passionate about.

Summer was hoping she could play with us today, Kyle gets Harrison’s OK. What’ll it be? Hide and seek? Building blocks? Summer’s suggestion of I Spy is a hit – but she hesitates before following Kyle and Harrison outside.

Sally will handle the Summer-side of the equation; she needs Tara to handle Kyle (by making him fall back in love with her) This plan is ridiculous, Tara’s only focus is getting custody of her child. Please, leave me alone. Wait – if you change your mind, just say the word, Sally concludes.

Nikki arrives at Newman to vent about the odd conversation she had with Adam – but she’s not buying his act the way Nick and Victor have. And she’s also not buying that Vikki’s good mood is due to her having a ‘productive day’.

Tara returns to eavesdrop a moment before joining Harrison with Summer and Kyle – sounds like you three have been having fun – what did I miss?

Appreciating the pep talk, Faith’s smile slips when Adam arrives at CL’s to quip ‘the gang’s all here’. He doesn’t need her to thank him every time she sees him. After Faith leaves, Adam confronts Rey – I don’t like what you’re doing with Chelsea.

Don’t play dumb, Adam gripes about Rey visiting Chelsea. Yes, she needs help and who’s fault is that? Mine, but Adam wants to earn forgiveness. Easier to revamp your imagine being free while Chelsea’s locked up because you broke her heart and her mind. As Nick and Sharon referee, Adam decides to leave as Rey requests – he has somewhere to be anyway.

Their business meeting interrupted when Vikki takes a call, Nikki purses her lips as her daughter declines Ashland’s persistent invitation that she join him in NY. She then raises an eyebrow when Vikki ends the call all but blushing by the attention.

That’s so sweet of you, Tara remarks when spotting the toy Summer bought Harrison. She hopes everything works out the way it should for all of them. Kyle and Tara both get a text from Ashland – he wants to meet with the two of them – no lawyers. They exchange a look.

Adam now gone, Rey grumbles about Nick defending him. Focus on taking this lady to Miami, Nick leaves too. Sharon’s sorry about the whole situation. Rey thinks Nick’s right – he has better things to think about. Sharon will go do some shopping; Rey has to check in at work. See you at home. Seconds later, he gets a text from Mike – need to see you ASAP.

Chelsea awakens as Adam drops by to visit. No, of course he’s not there to gloat – he’s there to see how she’s doing and update that he told Connor that she’s having treatment. He knows you love him, Adam reassures. Connor’s doing well and will be coming home soon. Chelsea wants nothing more than to be with her little boy again.

Business out of the way, Nikki has one more thing on her agenda – what’s going on? Vikki doesn’t feel the need to share EVERY secret with her Mother.

Harrison settled upstairs, Tara rejoins Kyle and Summer to hypothesize about what Ashland wants to talk to them about. Maybe he wants an answer to his offer (which Kyle would like too) The doorbell interrupts. What the hell do you want? Kyle throws up his arms when Ashland strides in.