Thursday, June 10th, 2021

Naya and Imani try to smooth things over with Amanda; who wants to drop the case to pursue her own leads on Richard. Naya then leaves Imani to ask Amanda if she’s serious about quitting. That depends.

Hearing that Harrison fell while in the nanny’s care, Jack doesn’t think it’ll help Ashland gain custody – unless Tara was leaving something out. He suggests Kyle have his lawyer look into it – we don’t want any surprises.

Summer and Sally were just discussing the amazing creative director job at Marchetti. Lauren’s sad to hear that one woman’s sabotaging another for it. As per Kyle’s suggestion, she’s meeting Tara Locke about a job. She’d be a great addition to the team, Sally tells Lauren – then is left to make a snide remark about Kyle helping his ex plant roots in GC.

Lily tells Devon that Vikki was gracious about her and Billy moving in together. She’s either sincerely happy for them or finding somewhere else to put her energy.

In the park, Billy apologizes to Jack for the other night. Harrison’s an amazing kid, Jack can’t wait for Billy to meet his great-nephew. Hearing that Vikki went on a sudden trip to NY, Jack mentions that Ashland did too – but it must be a coincidence.

Lauren pays Tara a surprise visit at the Abbott home to gush about her fantastic shoes – stop by Fenmore’s next week with your portfolio. Tara can’t commit – she has some things to sort out pertaining to her divorce. Lauren’s offer still stands – we can just get to know each other. Kyle’s in your corner, she adds.

Times have changed – it makes no sense for Sutton to risk his freedom to hide Naya’s secret. He’s not telling you the full story. When Imani suggests he’s just old-fashioned, Amanda asks her to come clean. No, she’s just as baffled, trust me. Having no intention of doing so, Amanda marches out.

Tara seems to be eyeing a vodka bottle when Jack comes in to ask how the butterfly hunt went. He bought Harrison a magnifying glass from the toy store. One day, there’ll be opportunities for Harrison at the family company. Jack’s thrilled to hear that Lauren’s interested in hiring her. Tara’s heard that Ashland didn’t travel to NY alone. Jack heard something about that – but it’s best for all if he moves on. Tara’s then left to mope when Kyle comes home.

When Devon drops by her suite, Amanda tells him that she’s suspicious of Sutton and his entire family. But that might be the reason she can’t walk away now.

In TGP lobby, Sutton lets it slip that his granddaughter let me down. Granddaughter? Victor pounces. Imani – she’s been helping Amanda Sinclair. She’s a mystery, Victor looks intrigued.

Still at work, Lily sends Billy a text – she’s counting the minutes til tonight (and some emojis)

In the park, Billy leaves Vikki a text – rumour has it you’re with Ashland Locke – tell me that’s not true.

Kyle wants Tara to stay in GC – everything’s changed since finding out that Harrison’s his son. Summer lurks in the background eavesdropping.

Sally leaves Eric a message to ask for a favor. Don’t delete this message – the favor’s not for me, it’s for Summer Newman.

Amanda has a hunch she’s on to something about her Father’s search for her. Devon’s sure she’ll find out what it is. Victor then calls – I’d like to see you. About what? He wants to know Amanda’s real connection to Sutton Ames.

Next Week: Ashland confides to Vikki; That meeting Saturday was a doctor’s appointment. As it turns out, it is too late – for a lot of things … Are you Daddy’s new wife now? Johnny asks Lily … Amanda’s on the phone – I have one more case for you to investigate – I want you to find out why my Father was really killed … Sally? Hi, she smiles awkwardly. What are you doing here? Eric asks.