Monday, July 5th, 2021

Adam’s off to meet one of their reporters (who’s investigating Locke’s health) He’ll be back before Nikki and Connor come home. Victor’s so happy they moved to the ranch. We’ll make this new company bigger and better.

When Cloe drops by, Chelsea rants about Adam wanting to erase her from Connor’s life. Dr Hedges isn’t on my side – I’ll need to force his hand to get out of here.

Was it worth the wait? Vikki asks. In bed, Ashland feels revitalized; it was a gift. Be prepared for the gift that keeps on giving, Vikki drops her towel and leaps into bed.

Abby’s surprised when Ben drops by Society – what kind of friend would he be if he left without saying goodbye?

Catching up with Devon and Nate at CL’s, Moses doesn’t find his cousin almost dying anything to joke about – he’s having nightmares about it the crabcake incident.

Amanda’s brought Naya and Imani back to her suite (after having her Mother released on bail) Naya wants to know what Sutton has planned for her defense – I had your Father killed to keep it a secret that I gave my babies away, she insists. Nobody in this room believes that. Listen to her, Imani chimes in. Stop this right now, Mom! Mom? you never called me that, Naya looks pleased.

Amanda called Naya ‘Mom’ to make her understand how much she means to her. I can’t help you if you stand by this ridiculous lie. Naya appeals to Imani – your grandfather adores you. That doesn’t mean Imani’s OK with her Mom going to prison. Sutton is the backbone of this family, Naya persists. Backbone? Amanda scoffs – he’s willing to let his daughter take responsibility for a murder he commissioned! There’s no proof, Naya argues. To keep her Mother out of prison, Amanda will find the proof.

** Happy 4th of July! **

Repeating that is was great to see Abby again, Ben understands if she doesn’t feel the same way. Stitch! Adam greets Ben as he leaves. Reminding Adam that he once saved Ben’s life, Abby’s never sure which version of Adam she’s going to get. Adam’s determined to make up for all the hurt he’s caused.

Now it’s Vikki’s turn to lounge in bed while Ashland’s up and feeling energized. Not caring whether people speculate about his health or their relationship, he invites Vikki to go to Society for champagne.

You WERE helpful, Nate assures Moses – Elena has experience. Hey everybody, Faith needs to ask Moses a school-related question. Thanks for getting me out of that, he thanks Abby on the patio.

Chelsea rants ‘n raves about Victor and Adam poisoning Connor’s mind against her. Chloe doesn’t want to assume the worst – you can’t leave this place until the doctor clears you. Chelsea has a new plan (and just needs one thing from Chloe to pull it off)

Ashland was just telling Vikki that Society’s his favourite place in town. As he goes ahead to take a table, Abby gets little info from her sister (who she wants to be happy and in love)

Vikki joins Ashland as he chats with Adam. His breath suddenly becoming laboured, Ashland excuses himself to take a call. Well, he seems fine to me, Adam tells Vikki with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Yes, Adam read the ChanceCom article – who hasn’t? Vikki downplays Ashland’s shortness of breath and doubts Adam’s concern is sincere. Insisting he’s a changed man, Adam wonders if Vikki’s prepared herself for the heartache of losing Ashland.