Friday, July 2nd, 2021

If it’s cancer that Ashland’s facing, Lily really feels for him. We should get confirmation before publishing anything. Billy wonders if Vikki’s angling for a seat on the board of Locke Communications.

Jack’s delighted to run into Sally at CL’s on her first day leading JVC – you look very professional. He wraps up his pep talk by saying Sally should be proud of herself for coming by the opportunity honestly; without scheming.

Via videochat, Phyllis and Nick sure do miss one another. She’s impressed with his ability to ask where the library is in Italian.

Vikki doesn’t think a retraction or lawsuit will change anyone’s mind. Grimacing in pain, Ashland jokes when she asks if there’s anything she can do to help – a magic elixir, a time machine? At the mention of seeking treatment, he points out that if he doesn’t die, she won’t get her merger. Yes, she will – we can run our companies together. Picture how amazing that could be.

At the ranch, an excited Connor runs off to text his friends about moving there. Before discussing retaliation against ChanceCom’s article, Adam tells his Father that he needs to go take care of something.

Adam gives Chelsea the good news that Connor’s home. The bad news? He’s not in the hallway. Dr Hedges doesn’t think you’re ready to see him yet. I have to see my son! Chelsea wails.

Tara thanks Kyle for all he’s done for her – and it’s so nice that he’s moved in. Maybe we can lean on each other going forward.

Summer left JVC in great shape, Sally now wants to take it to the next level. Jack approves of her plan. Bursting onto the patio, Phyllis pulls up a chair without invitation. Hey guys – what’s going on??

Lily’s skeptical that Vikki would cozy up to a dying man to get a seat on his board. She may not see it that way (but yes) Billy wants to get more than a scoop – what if ChanceCom takes over Locke Communications?

Are you seriously suggesting we take advantage of a dying man? Lily disapproves. Locke’s companies will have to go somewhere, Billy wants to go after the brass ring – it would give us the power to fend off Adam and Victor’s attack; we both know is coming.

Adam explains that moving to the ranch is a fresh start for him and Connor. What about me? Chelsea whines. The penthouse is all yours; live there or sell it. Chelsea hates that Victor will spend more time with Connor than she will. Apologizing, Adam leaves Chelsea in tears.

Vikki talks about finding a private hospital where Ashland can get treatment that may prolong his life. What have you got to lose? You’re one helluva negotiator but now it’s my turn to make a proposition.

What are we chatting about? Phyllis is stunned to hear that Sally took over Summer’s job (with her blessing) You won’t keep it long, Phyllis says before Jack escorts her inside. Whatever you’re going to say – don’t! He returns to assure Sally that everything’s fine. Uh oh – Sharon recognizes that look. Phyllis will NOT let Jack fall into Sally’s trap.

Dr Hedges interrupts Chelsea screaming into her pillow. Yes, he told Adam that she shouldn’t rush into seeing Connor. Knowing he’s following Victor’s orders, Chelsea tries (but fails) to negotiate. Only time will heal your wounds, Dr Hedges leaves.

Adam rejoins Victor with a tip – Vikki’s trip with Ashland was canceled last minute. It would be incredibly ruthless to write a story about a dying man. Victor scoffs – business is ruthless; we need to use this information before someone else gobbles up Locke’s entire company.

Kyle mopes – he doesn’t know how he’ll get over Summer and feels his heart is shut down. Love finds a way, Tara uses Ashland and Vikki as an example.

Sally’s a snake, Phyllis informs Sharon. Seeing her leave, she makes a beeline to the patio to ambush Jack. Informed that he might be dining with Sally, Phyllis offers an alternative – have dinner with me, please. It’s so hard with Summer and Nick gone – I feel so alone. She sobs that there’s nobody in the world that cheers her up like Jack Abbott. You win – but one word about Sally and you pay, Jack caves in.

If Locke’s really sick, we need to act fast, Lily decides. Billy’s sure there’ll be a line up of poachers wanting what’s left of Locke’s company but nobody going after the whole enchilada. He’s sure they can come up with the money. Lily asks if he’s OK with undermining Vikki’s bid for a seat on the board. Yes, Billy’s OK with it – he’s doing it to save her (like she saved him by going after Cyaxeres)

Ashland’s never been one to compromise – he accepts what his future holds and wants to make every moment count – starting with this one. Vikki tolerates his passionless kiss.