Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Intense is the word of the day – Billy tells Phyllis that Tara and Sally were engaged in an intense conversation. Also, Summer had mixed feelings about leaving Kyle – she asked me to be a friend to him. Yes, we’re on the same page, Phyllis doesn’t let on that she now knows that Tara and Sally joined forces to drive Summer away. In tears, she calls her daughter to say that she’ll always have her back.

Devon sees no point in Abby worrying herself over Mariah. What would Chance do to make you feel better if he was here? A stupid joke. Devon can see that she already feels better – Chance will be back soon.

Ben doesn’t want to talk about Max – he doesn’t need Sharon to host a pity party and lets her in on a secret – he got a call from Memorial; they’re considering me to fill the spot of my own boss who retired.

Not sure she has anyone on staff who’d be able to help Amanda, Lily asks if there’s no one in Sutton’s circle who might. The only person Amanda can think of is Victor.

On the patio, Moses asks Faith why she invited him here. To hang out, like we always do? Faith’s sorry she made things weird. She wants to take things slow. Can we keep hanging out? Moses would like that – a lot.

Sharon guesses that if moving Max from his facility isn’t why Ben has reservations about moving back to GC, it must be Abby.

When Tessa returns to the estate to fret about Mariah, she and Abby argue about who made her feel under the microscope. Devon referees.

Phyllis drops by the house with a gift from Summer. I should have called first, I didn’t mean to intrude – seems you don’t want company. Tara has a lot on her mind. Yes, Phyllis is sure she does – and yes, it is time we had a little chat.

After initially accusing Victor of wrongdoing, Amanda tells Lily that she made amends and quickly leaves when Billy comes back to ChanceCom to wonder what that was about. First, Lily has a question; what are you up to with Phyllis?

Phyllis doesn’t blame Tara for Summer leaving – she wasn’t ready to be a stepmother. Yes, and then she got that job offer in Italy, Tara adds. I know! Isn’t that crazy!? Phyllis agrees that Summer will like Italy. Laying the praise on thick, she suggests Kyle take Ashland’s role. Tara falls right into the trap – Kyle couldn’t be more devoted; it’s the way it should be – we’re a family now.

Ben doesn’t want Abby to be reminded of their painful history – or disrupt the happy life she has with Chance. Yes, Sharon is proud of Mariah (but mildly concerned about her) Ben’s sorry – he didn’t know. How could you? Sharon’s oblivious.

Not everything’s about you – it’s about Mariah and what she might be going through, Tessa’s concern is snapped at by Abby. Devon’s the voice of reason – Mariah wouldn’t want to be the cause of tension (which is still evident after the apologies and Devon leaves)

Sharon smiles at Moses and Faith (who must have sensed it, because she smiles back) Sharon then texts Mariah – ‘thinking of you’.

Abby’s surprised when Ben drops by. Having heard about Mariah (from Sharon) he offers any support he can.

Phyllis thinks things turned out for the best for Summer and Kyle. Tara’s glad she sees it that way. Yes, Phyllis sees things clearly now (and pauses on the front step to make exaggerated faces before stomping off)

Billy updates Lily that he and Phyllis are on the same page regarding Tara and Sally – she’s going to ‘do her thing’. Yes, there might be a story in it but this is personal for Billy. He and Lily joke about her diabolical streak before he gets a text. Phyllis just came from talking to Tara and now wants to see me. Declining the offer to tag along, Lily says she trusts Billy (who leaves her to look troubled)