Thursday, July 15th, 2021

Phyllis enjoyed her dinner with Jack the other night. She dropped by the house with a gift from Summer. Boy, that Tara sure is focused and determined. After talking to her, Phyllis now understands why Summer left GC the way she did. How so? Jack’s confused.

When Tessa acknowledges making some enemies when freeing her sister from a prostitution ring, Abby doesn’t want her to go down that rabbit hole – it was a long time ago – there must be another explanation (she looks at Ben as if he might have the answer)

Vikki hopes Billy will focus on helping the kids. I look out for them – I protect them. And, it’s only for a few months. Is that how long Ashland has? Billy warns that she’s setting herself up for a world of grief; do you love him? Vikki sees no need to discuss anything beyond the kids.

At Newman Media, Amanda starts with an apology – she now knows that Victor had nothing to do with her Father’s murder (and that her grandfather did) Victor’s heart goes out to her – but why are you really here?

Devon accosts Sutton at TGP – you’re a sonofabitch. And you’re the billionaire Amanda’s dating. Yes – so you should know what my money can do to you if you ever threaten Amanda again!

Nikki saw Billy on her way in – he doesn’t look too happy. Vikki’s sure her Mother hoped he’d talk her out of letting Ashland move in with her. You think I made a mistake. No, Nikki knows Vikki will make the right decision for herself and the kids. And, what is life without taking chances?

Tara was polite, borderline sweet – she’s really staked her claim in the Abbott home, Phyllis comments. Jack doesn’t want Tara to move Harrison to NY (and neither does Kyle) Of course he sympathizes with Summer. No, Phyllis doesn’t think Tara did anything ‘malicious’.

Sutton says that Amanda’s stepping on territory she doesn’t understand. Not wanting to know what that means, Devon calls Sutton a coward – and Amanda will reveal that (he marches out)

Amanda wants the whole truth about her family to come out (by Victor pushing Sutton into a corner)

After a productive work session, Nikki admires a bouquet Ashland sent to Vikki’s office. Yes, Ashland is thoughtful. But, once alone, Vikki reads the card (it’s a congratulation from her Father)

Tessa leaves to try track Mariah’s cell phone somehow. Ben’s left to conclude that someone from her past may be behind this – criminals have long memories, he tells Abby.

Jack comes home to a barrage of lies from a weepy Tara – Phyllis blames me for Summer leaving – I can’t repeat the things she said to me, she leaves the room in tears.

At CL’s, Devon tells Amanda that the gloves come off when someone he cares about is threatened. No, Amanda’s not upset that he stood up for her – she’s touched to have a knight in shining armor. As for Victor, she has more trust in him than her own grandfather.

Victor’s summoned Sutton to his office – you have a problem with Amanda Sinclair, but I have a solution to that problem.