Monday, July 26th, 2021

Are you happy here or just resigned? Nikki asks. Summer has a great job in an amazing city. If she and Kyle were meant to be it wouldn’t be so hard. This job is prestigious, Nikki concedes – but you didn’t pursue it – it fell into your lap. Summer must focus on the job because being away from Kyle doesn’t feel right.

Tara wants to get back to the matter at hand. Ashland sees no point – you’ve made things too adversarial. Harrison will pick up on it. Jack arrives. He can’t blame Ashland for wanting to get his hands on whoever posted the video online. Ash hopes Jack will convince Tara that his health is a conversation he needs to have with Harrison alone. After Ashland leaves, Tara tells Jack that Sharon suggested they talk to Harrison together. Our family is here to help you, Jack assures.

Seated at the bar, Phyllis calls Sally – I need to talk to you about something. Oh hey – it’s my new best friend, Sally points out that she’s sitting right in front of Phyllis. Ugh – that’s crazy – it’s been a long day. Phyllis has something to show Sally.

Vikki regrets confiding in Billy – when will I learn? When you’re in pain, I’m in pain. Billy now gets it – you’re in love with Ashland. He’s sorry Vikki has to go through this. No, he doesn’t think she should get out while she can. You’re exactly what Ashland needs right now. You need each other. Neither notice that Ashland’s in the room.

That’s quite the endorsement, Ash comments. Billy meant everything he said. It’s clear you’re committed to each other. Your situation sucks – I’m sorry you’re going through it. Billy promises he won’t publish any stories on the matter. Vikki thanks him for being a good listener. After Billy leaves, Ashland asks why Vikki needed a good listener.

At least ten times a day something happens that Summer can’t wait to tell Kyle about. Then I remember … he was my best friend, a team, it feels unnatural to be disconnected from him. Nikki knows what she had with Kyle was rare and special. Summer struggles to imagine a future that doesn’t include Kyle. But my life is in Italy. I’m not happy yet but I’ll get there.

An employee who’s just learning the system may have erroneously charged your room with stuff. Take a look at this – tell me what’s not yours. Sally looks at the large folder. Offering to make things right, Phyllis puts her folder on top of Sally’s phone. As Sally’s focused on striking bogus charges off a list, vowing to post a scathing review online, Phyllis grabs her folders and Sally’s phone.

As Sally continues to rifle through paperwork, Phyllis takes Sally’s phone and texts Tara – we have a prblem – Phyllis has figured things out.

Tara reads the text and looks alarmed – dammit. Kyle comes home – what’s wrong? Ashland was in rare form today. He insists on talking to Harrison alone. The opposite of what Sharon advised. I should be more understanding, she demures. Where did you two leave things? Everything’s fine, we’ll work it out somehow.

Vikki told Billy that she feels ovwhemled and admitted that she’s in love with Ashland. Things are going quickly but I need what you bring to my life. I love you. I’ll take what I can get. Don’t even try to tell me not to feel this way. Ashland must find a way to stay alive. I’ll take treatment. Maybe it’ll work, I sure as hell hope so.