Monday, August 16th, 2021

Wrapping up business, Lauren notices Jack’s wearing his Teardrop of Love cuff-links and is sure he’ll find happiness that’s all his own soon. Jack grins and crosses his fingers.

Sending Jack a quick text (asking if he’s OK saying goodbye to Harrison) Phyllis, clad in a towel, is surprised when Nick enters the suite wearing his Sven the Masseur wig. In an equally fake accent, he promises to make every one of Phyllis’ muscles scream in pleasure ~kiss~

Adam’s not put off by Sally’s confession – and Nikki doesn’t like him either. He’ll judge Sally on her work alone. Race you! Sally leads Adam off on a lap around the lake.

Victor just wants Vikki to be happy; their relationship is tough because she inherited a lot of his traits. Go plan the wedding of your dreams – Victor will cherish every moment of walking her down a long aisle.

The massage over, his wig off and bubbly poured, Nick declares his unwavering love for Phyllis. After a weird, brief mention of Summer and Kyle, they kiss.

At the ranch, Nikki’s happy to hear that Vikki and her Dad had a nice talk (and that Ashland’s chemo’s going OK) What Vikki really wants to talk about is her wedding plans.

Chloe’s on the patio, eavesdropping on Sally winning Adam over. I won’t let you down. She can see that he has something to prove too. Don’t we all? he leaves Sally to look up (and look guilty) as she meets Chloe’s stare.

It’s not what it looks like, Sally joins Chloe to insist they just ran into each other. Chloe has no problem with Sally scoring points. But, Adam’s ‘a sucking vortex of destruction’ who’s trying to appear human. Sally seems surprised. Don’t fall for his act, Chloe warns – read The Making of a Monster on ChanceCom – or ask anyone in town. Sally appreciates the heads up.

Phyllis holds up the blond wig – we both worry about our exes – and that’s OK as long as we worry about each other. She declares it the end of Phyllis Appreciation Day and the start of Nick Fest (with a passionate kiss of course)

Arriving home, Jack reads and replies to Phyllis’ text – ‘I’m great’. Hearing Harrison giggle, he forces a smile, shouts Grandpa’s home and heads upstairs.

Vikki wants her lavish wedding in Italy to include fine art displays, music, a 5-course-meal – it’ll be glamorous and luxurious – the wedding of the century, she tells her Mom (who sits with a notepad in her lap) Vikki wants the world to know that she’s finally met her match.

My Thoughts: What on earth is Sally wearing? Some sort of self-designed scuba-yoga-sweater-Star Trek tracksuit? It’s hard to imagine how Adam could possibly miss her. And why does everyone job on a waling path?…. Nick thought of everything – even cute Team Phyllis/Team Nick baseball caps. When it comes to Summer being a stepmother, he’s sure she’ll do great because she had a great role model (Er, I guess, compared to Faith she did) … Sally admitted to Adam that she’d studied up on the Newmans – so how could she not have Googled her new boss and come across any of the evil things he’d done? … Odd that Nick would choose the name of Sven to role-play as a masseur – would that not remind Phyllis of 80’s masseuse Sven Peterson, who shot Jill three times, kidnapped her and left her for dead in a freezer? AND framed Jack? The good pal she just sent a text to earlier? It WAS 35+ years ago but still. And isn’t it a bit of a conflict to declare ‘Phyllis Appreciation DAY’ for ‘the next few HOURS’?