Friday, August 20th, 2021

Running into Nick at CL’s, Billy’s surprised that he genuinely wants to know his reason for opposing Vikki marrying Ashland (if it’s not jealousy) Billy worries she’ll get her heart broken – what do any of us know about that man?

At the house, Ashland gets a text from Jack and updates Vikki that Harrison’s doing well in Italy. After some chit-chat about his health and the wedding, Ashland announces that Newman Locke will be set to go in one month – he has something to show her.

Sally arrives at Society in a foul mood – Phyllis just sent her a huge bill for towels. I’ll pay her back for ruining my life. From where Adam’s standing, Sally’s better off.

Victor’s giving his security guy instructions. Fiding Mariah is priority number one. Priority two is finding out everything there is to know about Ashland Locke. Enter Nikki to express her disapproval.

Your talents will be appreciated at Newman Media, Adam thinks Sally should be grateful to Phyllis. ‘Getting even’ got him a criminal record, bad press and a slew of enemies. Trust me. Sally’s been told that would be a mistake. Taking the high road keeps everyone guessing, Adam says before leaving.

Nikki tries to talk Victor out of investigating Ashland – he loves Vikki and she loves him. She’ll think you don’t trust her judgment. Nikki’s sure there’s nothing to uncover that hasn’t been reported on already. Victor doesn’t want any nasty surprises.

A surprise? For me? Vikki’s excited. But when Ashland shows her a sketch of the Newman Locke Corporate Campus (a Locke tower to be built right beside Newman Tower in three years) she says it’s incredible – but leaves to meet her Mom without a smile or a kiss. Ashland’s left looking baffled.

Ashland’s at TGP to purchase a month-to-month gym package. Phyllis exposing Tara made his decisions a lot easier. Phyllis is surprised Tara was able to fool him. Ashland loved her – love makes you see things in a different way.

Meeting her Mom at Society, Vikki relays that Nick wants to get to know Ashland before forming an opinion. That’s not unreasonable to Nikki but Vikki wishes her brother accepted Ashland like Dad did. Overhearing Vikki describing what kind of dress she’d like Marchetti to design for her, Sally takes notes.

Back at CL’s, Nick and Billy are on the same page regarding Vikki marrying Ashland. Billy takes that as acknowledgment that he knows Vikki better than anyone else, even her own brother.

Having gotten off on the wrong foot with Phyllis, Ashland would like to rectify that (given their connection through Summer/Harrison and Nick/Vikki) Summer’s embraced her new role as Harrison’s stepmother and he’d like to win Nick over. Vikki’s a strong woman, not the fragile flower the men in her life treat her as. What does Phyllis think? Hold on to true love if you find it.

The wedding menu decided, Nikki and Vikki move on to music. Assuming Ashland will need an office, Nikki will set it up on the executive floor while they’re on their honeymoon. Did I say something wrong? she notices that Vikki looks upset.

Entering Adam’s office, Victor’s heard that he’s trying to lure employees away from Newman Locke and asks him not to. Don’t do anything to undermine your sister or endanger the merger. Adam runs the company and makes the decisions.