Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Adam’s at the ranch directing Victor on their speeches for tonight’s launch when Nick comes in with his Mom needing to discuss a family matter. Ignoring the insult, Adam asks Nick to thank Phyllis for hosting the event. We paid good money, Victor growls – then is further irritated when spotting Billy Abbott on the guest list.

Phyllis marches around the hotel lobby wearing a headset/mic she’s yapping orders into. When Billy arrives early for a drink, Phyllis knows he’s not there for the oysters – what are you up to?

At CL’s, Jack fails to look away in time. Catching his eye, Sally comes over to thank him for refereeing her and Phyllis in the park. And yes, she does have something else to say – she too will be at the launch party tonight. You thought I’d be traumatized to see you? How fragile do you think I am? Jack scoffs. OK then, Sally walks away shaking her head.

Ashland insists he’s up to attending the launch of Newman Media (previously Cyaxeres, my company he reminds) Vikki didn’t really want to go tonight but would love to see Adam and the rest of Newman Media fall flat on their smug faces.

Lily’s encouraged when Elena returns to ChanceCom. Has she made a decision? Yes and No. Hold up, whatever’s holding Elena back, Lily promises to take care of it.

Adam explains that he invited Billy and Lily out of professional courtesy. He’ll come, have a couple of drinks, make an ass of himself and sit in the corner and pout. Victor doesn’t care if the blowback ropes Lily (and Devon) into it. And he’s the Father of Vikki’s kids, Nick reminds. Nikki leaves knowing they’ll be discussing Vikki and Ashland.

Vikki and Ashland discuss her relationship with Adam vs. her other siblings. Billy will never be the same because Adam killed Delia. Ashland’s bothered that the stories Billy’s publishing will be read by Harrison one day. Vikki will relay his legacy – are there any other secrets (besides the older woman/mentor)?

Billy will protect Johnny and Katie the way Phyllis did Summer. She knows Ashland’s bossy, arrogant and has a dark streak. But, if Billy’s going to bring up something from his past, it better be BIG. Because Vikki will not take kindly to him investigating Ashland’s past.

Nick agrees that anything they discover about Ashland’s past, can’t be relayed to Billy – but what if he brings info to us? Victor’s insistent – absolutely NO communication with Billy. Keep me in the loop, Nick all but pinky swears he can keep a secret. See you later at TGP, Victor leaves Nick looking worried.

Vikki goes over Ashland’s story that he acquired two TV stations from his deceased mentor; it IS mysterious, she has to admit. Seeing that he’s in pain, Vikki will go get some soup from Society (that helped Sharon through her chemo)

Sally goes out of her way to tell Jack that him going out of his way to make her feel small is beneath him. She doesn’t give a damn what he thinks about her anymore. After she marches to the patio to sit down, Jack’s left looking like he’s the one who gives a damn.