Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Noting that they’ve captured everyone’s attention, Adam (with Sally) moseys over to thank Phyllis for hosting the event. She barks out thanks for the publicity and cash. Jack politely congratulates Adam and coolly greets Sally. Phyllis hopes they have a good time destroying each other. Thanks, we will, Adam and Sally venture off.

Across the room, Victor disapproves of Adam’s choice of date and is sorry to hear Nikki’s news that Vikki won’t be attending (due to Ashland’s health) Adam introduces Sally to his Father. She’s pleased to be part of the Newman Media team. I bet you are, Nikki snips. Nice meeting you, Victor politely lets Sally know the conversation is over.

Letting Devon in, Amanda forgot all about tonight’s party in her excitement over Mike reinstating the charges against her grandfather. Sutton will finally face a jury for killing my Father. Also, she and Naya are going on a little trip with Imani. This journey’s finally coming to an end. They then discuss Devon bringing a new life into the world. He’s adorable, Amanda looks at Devon’s phone – and quickly notices that Devon can’t look away.

Aaaaand, the award for ‘most obnoxious entrance’ goes to Adam and Sally, Billy quips at the bar. They won’t be any trouble if everyone’s on their best behavior, Jack plays party pooper. You talking to me? Billy and Phyllis ask in unison. Yes, and yes. Billy and Phyllis share a guilty-as-charged look as both drink.

Sally’s disappointed that Vikki won’t be there – she’s hoping to design her wedding dress. Don’t hold your breath – Vikki won’t forget what you did to Summer, Adam says before his attention shifts to Billy.

Taking drinks over to Nick and Lily, Nate wonders how he and Elena made the guest list. The Newmans appreciate everything the ‘wildly popular host’ of AskMDNow did for Faith after her accident – Nick jokes that it’s more puzzling that his Dad invited ChanceCom’s execs. Hearing that Elena’s taking over for Nate, Nick thinks her a perfect choice.

Adam’s not worried about Billy – I can handle anything he throws my way. Sally asks about the feud between them – she knows a little bit about the death of Billy and Chloe’s daughter. It was a devastating accident I handled terribly, Adam concludes that Chloe got over her hatred, Billy never will. That’s a story for another day – tonight’s for fun (something Sally claims to excel at)

Victor believes Vikki’s not coming because of her contentious relationship with Adam (not because he investigated her fiance) At least there won’t be any conflict tonight, Nikki says. However, looking over at Phyllis and the Abbott brothers, Victor expects fireworks from Billy.

Amanda oohs and aahs appropriately at the baby photos Devon shows her but when she broaches the subject of his feelings, it’s suddenly time to get to the party. Knowing something’s weighing on him, Amanda asks Devon to talk to her about it.

Jack congratulates Victor on the launch and being a grandfather again. Thank God they found Mariah in time. Victor wishes they’d find Stitch and bring him to justice. Jack can’t wait to see tonight’s presentation. Victor excuses himself to see something in the ballroom. Nikki’s left to ask Jack if Billy has something up his sleeve. Not as far as Jack knows – let’s hope for an uneventful event.

Checking his phone, Adam reports that Chloe can’t come because Myles has a fever. Sorry to hear it, Sally goes to dig into the appetizers. Billy comes over to thank Adam for the invite and wonders what announcements he has in store. You’ll have to wait like everyone else, Adam knows Billy would love to steal his thunder. Back and forth it goes until Adam assures Billy that if Newman Media made a run at ChanceCom, he wouldn’t see it coming.

As Jack questions Adam about his choice of date, Lily and Billy wonder what NM plan to ‘come to market with’. Not willing to wait for the speeches, Billy will go dig around and see if he can get the scoop before the speeches. What does that mean exactly? Leave that to me, Billy gives Lily a kiss on the cheek and gets on the elevator.

Phyllis worries that Billy will do something to disrupt the party. Nick heard the same concern from his Dad. Vowing not to let anything happen to Phyllis or her hotel, he goes upstairs to see what Billy’s up to.

Sally accosts Phyllis to comment that she and Nick look cozy – despite her being cozy with Jack earlier. You’re a sad little girl who doesn’t know anything about me, Nick or our relationship, Phyllis brings up Sally leaving LA with her tail between her legs. You alienated Jack and Lauren – it’s over for you. You’ll be alone and SAD; that’s who you are. Nikki can’t help but smile approvingly as Phyllis marches away after having the last word.

Knowing he’ll play a big role in the baby’s life, Devon’s not sure why he’s struggling to accept that other people will be raising him. He can’t help but remember when he was briefly going to be a Father (with Hilary I have a son but I don’t really have a son, he sums it up.

Phyllis offers to help Nate up his game with his dates with Elena – what are you into? she whispers. Excuse me? Nick and I are into video games. Nate and Elena like being doctors. Hmmm, sterile, in a life-saving kind of way, but no worries – Phyllis will set something up they’ll love.