Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

Adam understands why Jack’s not a fan of Sally – but, we’re not dating. Jack doesn’t hold any grudges – maybe you can pull out the best in her whereas I couldn’t. Adam’s only focus is making Newman Media the one and only communications company that matters.

Mr Newman asked me to come and get something for him – this is their green room, right? Billy’s upstairs. Crystal can’t let him in. We go way back – Phyllis wouldn’t mind at all, he charms. But, if you want to waste time asking for permission… OK, but don’t tell Ms Summers, Crystal quickly unlocks the door. Billy wastes no time finding a laptop to search. But Nick wastes no time catching him.

Devon doesn’t regret stepping up for Abby and Chance – we had an agreement. Even saying ‘my son’ doesn’t feel right. You have a biological connection to him, it’s OK to acknowledge that he is your son, Amanda’s supportive (which Devon appreciates) Concentrate on what you’ve given Dominic, she adds. You, Abby, Mariah and Chance went into this with openness – Dominic will never wonder who his family is. Amanda never had someone to look at and say ‘we have the same eyes’. Devon’s having a hard time defining the role he’ll have in Dominic’s life. You’ll figure it out along the way, Amanda’s sure. Devon will be there for him. And I’ll be there for you, she reassures.

It’s not what it looks like, Billy claims. OK, it’s exactly what it looks like – I’m spying on the competition (or was until you showed up) Nick lists many reasons he wants NM to succeed – stop whatever you’re planning, walk away, he orders Billy.

Wondering where Billy is, Jack’s distracted by Lily (who asks about Harrison and Milan)

Sally joins Nikki at the bar to say there’s a buzz all over the building. Why do you think I’d be interested in anything you have to say? Despite what Nikki thinks of Phyllis, she wishes she’d driven Sally out of town. No one in this room wants you here – except Adam, who’s using you as a prop. Lovely talking to you.

Now it’s Phyllis’ turn to have a go at Sally. No, she doesn’t regret coming – I have a handsome date. Adam has an agenda – he’ll get bored and kick you to the curb, Phyllis, on the other hand, is a respected businesswoman – you’re a pariah. The Newmans and Abbott’s don’t want you here – take your circus act somewhere else. Go to hell bitch! Sally tosses her drink at Phyllis – who dumps an ice bucket over her head. All watch. Jack’s horrified, Victor and Nikki stifle laughs.

As Jack and Adam pull the ladies apart, Phyllis’ mascara runs while Sally’s doesn’t. In the elevator, Adam puts his coat around her shoulders. Nick and Billy are puzzled by that – and Jack mopping Phyllis’ face. Why does Sally look like she jumped in the pool. Lily grins as she updates Billy. He had to stop his hunting expedition when Nick came in wearing his superhero tights on. Is that really the end of it? Billy’s expression reads ‘no’. Nick comes along to comment on the excitement – what’d I miss?

Upstairs, Adam gives Sally a towel. Phyllis kept bullying me – what was I supposed to do? Adam jokes – that’ll be a tough act to follow – maybe he should give his speech naked. That would capture my attention, Sally apologizes for ruining his event. Adam likes her fire. Sally pounces to give him a kiss.

My Thoughts: Why is such a prestigious event, that Phyllis was paid handsomely to host, being held in the LOBBY of her hotel? Why isn’t it being held at Top of the Tower (remember, the restaurant Victor owns)?? We hear there’s a ballroom somewhere on the premises but the’s no effort to migrate guests in that direction. No wonder Crystal has only one dress – she doesn’t have the intelligence to navigate the mall or a walk-in closet with wardrobe options to be made each morning. In fact, it’s a safe bet that she doesn’t know there’s a world outside of TGP. It’s like she’s in a low-effort, low-budget Truman show. How else could she not know exactly who Billy is?