Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

When Nick appears to wonder what he missed, Jack invites Phyllis to fill him in. Mascara running down her face, she quickly excuses herself to get ready for the presentations.

Upstairs, Adam and Sally are both breathing heavily like a couple of teenagers. Where’d that come from? he asks. Do you wanna question it or see where it leads? she answers.

At the estate, Abby interrupts Tessa’s strumming to fret about what this terrible ordeal has done to Mariah.

My baby needs to live! Mariah awakens in her hospital bed to shout.

Elena and Nate are both happy that her patient recovered and she’s back at TGP to make up for lost party-time.

You’re gonna let Nick stop you? Lily teases Billy. He thinks they need a new strategy (that starts with them leaving this dull party)

Back upstairs, Adam’s the one to put the brakes on. Yes, because he’s Sally’s boss – but also ‘I’m toxic’

A bedraggled Phyllis talks into her headset – tell the waitstaff to have the champagne ready in the ballroom for the toasts. Victor appears to comment that her display with that Spectra woman was ‘something’ – kindly refrain from further antics. Behave yourself.

Adam’s not exaggerating, he’s being truthful in saying that he’s attracted to Sally but has been down this road before – it would be a huge mistake. Sally disagrees but won’t argue with Adam on his big night. It would have been spectacular. And it’ll stay that way on our imaginations, Adam continues to disappoint.

Sally threw a drink in my face, Phyllis repeats. And you dumped a bucket of ice water on her. Having enjoyed the spectacle, Victor tells Phyllis to let him deal with Sally. OK, you deal with her. She and Adam are a match made in hell. Victor’s left looking amused.

Jack gives Nick a warning; Phyllis and Sally should be kept far apart. Noticing Adam and Sally getting off the elevator, Nick looks puzzled – he doesn’t get that pairing. Jack’s not questioning it – to each his/her own.

Chatting with Nikki, Elena gushes about Nate’s new job – he plans to expand the hospital’s surgical wing. Yes, she IS proud. Enough about me, Nate touts Elena as the new face of AskMDNow. Sorry to hear it, Victor appears to offer Elena the role of Chief Medical Journalist at a more successful media company (NM of course) With a smirk, he looks over at Lily talking animatedly to a sullen Billy.

Abby worries about the long-term effects Mariah might suffer from being locked up alone in a tiny room for so long. She’s resilient, and Tessa plans to ask Sharon about treatment but hopes Mariah just needs some time.

A nurse comes in to say that Dominic needs feeding. Mariah just pumped some milk into a bottle, but would it be alright if I fed him?

Bored of the Newman love-fest, Billy wants to go to Society. With a kiss, Lily entices him with plans she has for him later.