Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

Elena’s flattered by Victor’s ‘lucrative contract’ and no, she hasn’t signed with ChanceCom yet. But, she did give Lily her word. Admiring her loyalty, Victor wanders off with Nikki. Nate’s impressed that Elena had the guts to turn Victor down. It feels good to be wanted, her smile grows wider when hearing that it’s not just media companies who want her.

When Victor joins Adam to scold him about his date almost ruining the evening, Adam scoffs – media companies thrive on headlines. Ready to get things rolling? Adam invites everyone into the ballroom for ‘the main event; the rise of the next generation of media companies’

Lily will go to the boardroom to represent ChanceCom. Better you than me, Billy takes a seat at the bar to order a double. Her face cleaned up, Phyllis tells Nick that Sally threw a drink in her face. Then, I poured an ice bucket over her head. I deeply regret my actions. Do you? No! It was great! Nick tells Phyllis to let it go; Sally’s not going anywhere. Telling Phyllis to stay dry the rest of the night, he pauses at the bar for a few words with Billy.

Victor welcomes everyone – thanks for coming. He’s proud to announce a new venture; prouder still that his partner is his son, Adam. Thanks Dad. Adam raves about their dynamic new media company and the importance of family. There’s a lot of new outlets and platforms ahead – Newman Media’s coming out swinging!

Surprised that they enjoyed Adam’s speech, Lily and Elena mention Devon going above and beyond in bringing a new life into the world. Billy rejoins Lily to ask if he missed anything. Nope – Adam didn’t specify targets but Victor didn’t seem pleased when he mentioned adding more ‘entities’. They’re not on the same page, Billy’s pleased to assume.

Jack will never sing Victor’s praises but he is happy for Adam and the venue and food were amazing; your hard work paid off. Phyllis hopes that overshadows her little ‘dust-up’ with Sally (which she appreciates Jack ending) Nick looks uneasy as he sees Phyllis give Jack his hanky back.

Before heading to the hospital, Abby hears the lullaby Tessa just finished. Meanwhile, the nurse puts Dominic in Mariah’s arms so she can feed him.

As Adam and Victor pat themselves on the back, Billy congratulates them for making it through the night without scandal. It was a grand slam, Adam boats. ChanceCom connects to the masses – whatever you have planned we’ll be read. You should probably book TGP for your going-out-of-business too. You are and always will be a pain in the ass, Victor says in parting. When Lily comes back, Billy’s ready to start the after-party. Lily pulls a key/card. Not for any old suite – Billy’s former suite – where we first made love.

On the patio, Elena thanks Nate for escorting her home. With some more praise, they decide to keep the night (and their lucky streak) going ~kiss~

Mariah talks to Bowie about their adventure. I wasn’t sure we’d make it out of there. You kept me sane. It feels so different holding you outside of me; natural. Wanna know a secret? I wish I could breastfeed you. But, it’s in the contract I signed. That’s my milk make you strong and healthy my precious little Bowie. When Abby arrives with Tessa, she doesn’t look happy.

Phyllis regrets letting that little girl get to her – last thing this hotel needs is another scandal. Nick shrugs it off – no harm, no foul. Yes, he’ll still pamper her – lose the headset first. Security, Phyllis reports that there’s a super sexy guy in her room. We’re gonna need you to take off your jacket, tie, shirt ~kiss~

Jack’s home looking lonely as he pours a drink, takes out his hanky and smiles.

At home, Nikki congratulates Victor – the launch was a smashing success. They gripe about ‘that woman’. Sally can’t be trusted and both enjoyed Phyllis dumping ice water over her head.

At Society, Sally tells Adam that she could tell by Victor’s glare that he wasn’t impressed with her. Never mind that – how did the speeches go over? he asks. Well, I wasn’t the only one impressed by what you have to offer, Sally decides it’s late and she should get home. In case you’re wondering, the answer is ‘yes’. I will be dreaming of spectacular things that might have been. Adam watches her sashay out.

Yes, Abby’s OK with Mariah feeding the baby – but, can I take over? Told that he’s finished, Abby takes him anyway – he probably needs to be burped. Only Tessa notices how sad Mariah looks.

Next week: I had a run-in with Billy, Vikki tells Ashland – no matter what I say he’s bound and determined to find something damning in your past…. Abby smiles at the bundle in her arms – welcome Dominic, to your new home. Victor, Ashley, Nina, Devon and Tessa smile on, while Mariah looks sad …. At Jack’s, Phyllis blathers on – I don’t know who you were hoping Sally would turn out to be. You want an honest answer? I guess I was hoping she’d turn out to be you, Jack replies.