Friday, September 3rd, 2021

At CL’s, Billy updates Vikki that she missed Sally sticking it to the big dogs last night.

Adam pauses his run through the park at the sigh(t) of Sally bent over to tie her shoelace. Good morning, she turns around to give him a good view of the front as well.

Hearing about Victor’s job offer last night, Lily tells Elena that the gloves are off then, the competition has officially begun.

Sharon joins Victor at the Chancellor Estate to inform that the entourage should be arriving soon. Asking how Mariah is, Victor won’t forget what she did for his daughter. Ding, dong – the grandmas have arrived (Nina and Ashley, waving gifts)

Seated on the CL’s patio, Nick tips his mug to Devon for being a hero (a label he clearly isn’t comfortable with no matter how many times he hears it)

Looking ready to go home, Mariah and take a hard line against Stitch. Don’t worry, Abby reports that Devon hired extra security – you’ll be safe. And Dominic will be too, Mariah feels the need to add.

Sally wonders what Adam thinks of her in the hard light of day – we good? Yes, Adam’s just pleased that the evening was a success. Dinner then? Sally invites – as Chloe yet again watches them interact.

Showing up on Adam’s arm wasn’t the only embarrassing thing Sally did last night. Hearing about her water fight with Phyllis, Vikki doubts Billy’s sincerity when he asks how Ashland’s doing. Whatever we publish will be fair, Billy believes she agrees that Ashland’s hiding something bit.

At Society, Nate’s blown away by the cheque Ashland gives him. It’s not for you, he’s puzzled to hear.

Nina agrees with Ashley to the incident behind them – she won’t let Chance’s absence mar this celebration.

Mariah and Tessa have a heart to heart about how it will be living at the Chancellor Estate. It’ll be OK, it HAS to be OK, Mariah says. Abby comes in to announce that the paperwork’s done – let’s bring our baby boy home. Mariah looks paler than usual.

Be honest with me and yourself – how much do you know about Ashland? Billy doesn’t deny Vikki’s accusation that he’s the one digging into her fiance’s life. How did he pay for those stations? Billy questions Ashland’s relationship with his older mentor. What’s he hiding? Billy stands as Vikki marches out. What was that all about? Nick appears to ask.

Hearing about last night’s festivities, Adam’s not surprised that Chloe blames him. Sally came up with a good idea, Adam leaves her to tell Chloe about it (though she can guess already)

Lily appreciates Elena not entertaining Victor’s offer for a second (and the high praise) We’re off the clock, she invites Elena out for a drink.

Abby’s a Mommy, Ashley squeals. Victor welcomes her to the grandparent club. Devon arrives with ‘the whole baby story’ (which he planned to just drop off) It’s a ‘special day’ for you too, Sharon asks him to stay. And it’s too late anyway. Abby comes through the front door and welcomes Dominic to his new home and family. Mariah can’t even fake a smile at this point.

Abby introduces Dominic to his grandmothers, thanks all for the decorations, then it’s Victor’s turn – you’re the perfect Mother (his tone-deaf words are more arrows to Mariah’s heart)

Chloe scolds Sally for playing with fire – what happened between you two? When Chloe assumes Sally was the one who had the good sense to hit the brakes, she’s surprised to hear it was Adam who did. He’ll find a way to wreck you, Chloe will stop wasting her breath – after one last word of warning; Connor – he still thinks his parents are together.

Having heard that Nikki’s helping Nate fundraise, Ashland’s donating enough for a wing. Instead of hearing Nate’s pitch right now, he’d prefer a double date soon. As Nate leaves on a cloud of money, Vikki arrives like the wet blanket she is to update Ashland that Billy’s bound and determined to find something damning in his past.

Oh, how nice, Lily’s brought Elena to the coffee shop she lives above for a mug of boring coffee to pat herself on the back for helping inmates and welcoming Elena into the family. As for the baby they aren’t supposed to congratulate Devon on, everything will work out fine, she’s sure.

Dominic in Ashley’s arms, the party guests start to question Mariah. After Tessa takes her outside for air, Sharon puts a worried look on Abby’s face – we can’t disregard the severity of what Mariah’s been through.

Billy and Nick debate who knows Vikki best and what Ashland’s hiding with regards to his mentor. This is about protecting my kids, Billy repeats for the umpteenth time – Vikki can take care of herself IF she has the facts. Tell me I’m wrong, he challenges Nick. You’re always wrong, Victor rides to the rescue.