Monday, September 6th, 2021

At CL’s, Sharon and Tessa are wondering what to order Mariah; who has a dreamy smile on her face as she watches a young Mother with her baby. Mariah? What’s wrong? Sharon, the obtuse therapist asks.

Back at the estate, Abby’s got Dominic down for a nap. Everyone enjoyed the party, Devon reassures. Even Mariah? Abby also suspects that Devon’s having a hard time too.

In the park, Faith tells Moses that Tessa just sent her a text to say that she and Mariah are at CL’s. He declines the invitation to come along in favour of planning their first date.

Seated at his desk, Adam spots Rey. What are you here to arrest me for this time? he asks.

Glad we’re getting off to a good start, Rey’s there to return a cap Connor left in the park. It’s his favourite, Adam appreciates it. When praised for finding Mariah, Rey credits Devon, then wastes no time bringing Sharon’s name up. Adam checks his watch – it was nice while it lasted. Your jealousy is constant.

Devon’s just trying to figure out the best way to support Abby now that the moment she’s waited for has come. He doesn’t want to come over too much or not enough. You’re my best friend, Abby can talk to Devon about things she can’t discuss with anyone else. They agree to be open and honest.

Now seated, Mariah claims that she just spaced out for a moment. Sharon can tell when something’s on her mind. As Tessa sits silently, Mariah admits she’s struggling. How did she spend her time in that room? Promising Bowie that she’d keep him safe; it was her job. He was everything to me; my reason for living. Then, everything happened so quickly, then Bowie…Dominic went home with his Mother. You feel like something’s been taken from you, Sharon sympathizes with Mariah.

Abby confides in Devon her belief that Mariah’s pretending to be OK. She can’t put her finger on it – but think about what she went through. It was her and the baby against the whole world, Devon then suggests Abby sit Mariah down for a talk; she’d appreciate knowing you’re concerned about her.

Tessa doesn’t think it ever bad to feel love; or a bond, right? she turns to Sharon – who agrees. In tears, Sharon thinks Mariah should tell Abby how she’s feeling. It’s important. She’ll be very supportive. She’s your friend; she wants what’s best for you. Faith then bursts in to tell Mariah how much she missed her.

Mariah wouldn’t even be on your radar if not for Sharon, Rey accuses. She’s not worthy of my concern? Adam’s indignant. Sharon’s the most caring person he knows – he cares what happens to her and the people she loves. You can accept that or fly into a fit of rage whenever you hear my name – your call.

On the patio, Tessa and Sharon have left the sisters to chat. Where’s Stitch? Faith asks – her parents didn’t tell her much. Promising to tell Faith everything soon, Mariah observes a change – does it have anything to do with Moses? Yes!

Abby rejoins Devon as he ends a call with Chris. She hasn’t been able to get a message to Chance because he’s gone further undercover. Devon thinks that might be a good thing. Hearing of Dominic’s birth might distract Chance and put him in more danger. You always know the right thing to say, Abby’s comforted.

You’ve got enough to worry about with your own family; worry about your son, Rey scowls. After talking to Connor in the park, Rey won’t tell Adam how to handle his family – but things need handling. Connor needs to be told something about what’s going on between his parents. Focus on him instead of Sharon.