Friday, September 3rd, 2021

At TGP, Adam just finished a business meeting – he’s not stalking Sally. She came there to change after her run. Also, she’d like to hit the reset button – go back to the way things were before that kiss.

Victor heard, from one of his employees, that Billy was sneaking around his private suite at TGP last night – don’t do it again. That leaves Nick to cleverly conclude that his Dad didn’t want Billy to know he was the one who told him. Correct, we can’t tip Billy off. He seems very open to keeping me in the loop, and so Nick knows his investigators haven’t solved the mystery yet.

Back at Society, Vikki wishes everyone could see this generous cheque-writing side of Ashland; Billy was just questioning me about your first two TV stations – is there anything you haven’t told me that he might dig up?

In the park, Mariah tells Tessa that she can’t fight this feeling in the pit of her stomach. I was just supposed to be an incubator but I can’t let go. Maybe her connection to Bowie wouldn’t be this strong if we didn’t need each other to survive in that room. Dominic feels it too, Mariah somehow knows.

Now alone, Abby rocks Donimic – no one will take you from me ever again, she promises.

Having heard about Connor, Sally wouldn’t do anything to hurt Adam’s little boy. He comes first, Adam admits that’s why he put the brakes on last night. Hitting the reset button’s a good idea – so, I guess dinner’s off the table. We could make it a working dinner, Sally’s left to frown when Adam excuses himself to take a call from Chelsea.

Back at CL’s, Nick agrees to play double agent. Victor doesn’t trust Ashland so needs all pertinent information before the wedding – if there IS a wedding. Dun dun dun duuuunnnn.

There’s nothing that you can say that will shock me, Vikki continues to pushes Ashland – you can trust me. She looks disappointed when he swears that Billy won’t find anything.

My Thoughts: When Lily made a point of saying that she and Elena were off the clock, I just assumed they’d be going for a drink that wasn’t already available where they already are ….Seeing Ashley cradling a wrapped-up baby blanket doesn’t make her look like a grandmother – it reminds us of the other time she walked around with wrapped-up fabric. For an extra layer of irony, today, she had NO idea Stitch was capable of what he did to Mariah (just like years ago, it was Adam she couldn’t see through when he tricked her into thinking she gave birth) If you found that remotely humorous, just try to envision how it would go it you went to your local high-end hotel to change after your run – because it’s closer than going home (even though you don’t actually have a home) … But wait, there’s more. ‘Don’t do it again’ – Victor sternly warns Billy not to break into his private suite at TGP. How is Billy supposed to break in ‘again’? Didn’t Victor rent the suite for last night’s event? (for some reason)? Or, are we expected to believe that Victor’s had a private suite at TGP this whole time and it’s just ONLY come up now? Never mind the absurdity of Victor letting Billy off with a scolding and thinking Nick could be any sort of spy. He’s not an effective single-agent, never mind a double-agent. I Spy With My Little Eye is more Nick’s level…. Um – I’m no fashionista like Chelsea, Chloe or Sally, so I may have missed the return of velvet. Poor Mariah looks like The Velvet Fog. And, if by any chance you found any of that mildly entertaining, please take a moment to turn off your adblocker so I know I’m not just blathering into the void.