Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

OMG – look at that face! At the penthouse, an ecstatic Lily admires photos of Dominic on Devon’s phone. Pride and happiness are etched in her face as she watches her brother (who’s so overjoyed he doesn’t notice the scrutiny)

** Numerous weather alerts may have caused me to miss a line here and there **

Ending a call, Abby tells Mariah that Society’s understaffed tonight. Go! Mariah insists that it’s no imposition for her to babysit. Abby looks simultaneously tempted and uneasy.

Vikki and Ashland are exchanging pleasantries with Nate and Elena (at Society) when they notice Sally’s arrival.

Adam and Victor are at the office reading reviews of the launch (which make no mention of the wet altercation between Sally and Phyllis) When Adam suddenly remembers he has dinner plans, Victor hopes he’s not meeting that Spectra woman. As a matter of fact, he is.

What a lovely surprise, Jack welcomes Lauren. Invited out for dinner, he’d rather order take out (which is fine with Lauren)

Adam’s focused on business. Monkey-business, Victor wags his finger. You should be strategizing with me. Sally’s probably waiting for me, Adam firmly tells his Dad that he’ll see him tomorrow.

At Society’s bar, an impatient Sally toggles between checking her phone and looking over at Nate/Elena with Ashland/Vikki. Exciting stuff, Ashland politely lets Nate know that he really doesn’t care where his donation goes.

The next subject (Vikki and Ashland’s ultimate destination wedding) is certainly of more interest to a nearby Sally.

Adam stops by the table to say that he couldn’t be happier for Vikki and Ashland (sentiments she doesn’t appreciate as much as the groom to be) Lead to their table, Sally’s impressed that Adam doesn’t let Vikki’s jabs get to him – there’s a lot I can learn from you. Adam squirms.

Over wine, Lily’s happy to hear that Amanda’s on a trip with her Mother and sister. Informing that Billy’s home with the kids, she can sense a change in Devon since the baby was born.

Mariah frantically rocks Dominic as he wails in her arms. I’d do anything for you, she pleads – you know that.

Unpacking their Chinese food, Jack tells Lauren how quickly Harrison adapted to Italy. The one authentic thing about Tara was her being a good Mother. Phyllis sure has a gift for reading people, they agree.

Not done boring everyone, Nate ‘entertains’ with stories from the ER (how a groom was kept waiting while he tended to his bride’s injury) No more wedding horror stories, Elena shuts him up. Having some wedding horror stories of her own, Vikki’s sure hers to Ashland will be perfect.