Monday, September 6th, 2021

What’s going on? Faith joins Devon and Moses in the park. Devon called Sofia to see if Moses could continue to stay in GC even though he no longer wants to be a doctor. IF that’s what you still want. Yes, it is, he looks at an excited Faith.

Sharon’s back inside with Mariah. Tessa’s on the patio talking on the phone. Mariah feels bad that everyone’s so worried about her. Faith wasn’t told what happened to me; she’s growing up fast, Mariah advises Sharon to treat her as such. When Adam strolls in, Mariah goes off on him – she was just released from the clutches of a madman who wanted a woman to like him again.

Adam was just trying to express sympathy. Standing, Sharon knows he wasn’t trying to make Mariah feel uncomfortable. I won’t interrupt you anymore, he goes to the counter. You don’t always have to take his side, Mariah lashes out. Sharon was just trying to defuse the tension. Love you, Mariah tells her Mom before Tessa takes her home (to pump) That leaves Sharon to ask Adam why he’s there. He wanted her opinion on what to say to Connor about his Mom but can see now that he should have kept walking.

Leaving the kids, Devon runs into Mariah and Tessa. If you ever need a shoulder, he offers Mariah. You’ve already done so much for me, Mariah thanks him for rescuing her and helping her through the delivery. You’ll always be my hero. Devon struggles with stuff, just like everyone else. Cut to Abby snuggling Dominic.

This isn’t just a phone call to your Mom, it’s the biggest phone call of your life! Faith will play Sofia. Take our your phone, call me, she insists. The mock call consists of Moses gushing about what a smart, beautiful girl he’s with. You’ve got this, Faith’s sure when they ‘hang up’.

Rey’s back at CL’s. Praised again (by Sharon) he (again) credits Devon. Mariah’s a warrior – she just needs the people who love her to have her back, he says. Adam stopped by, Sharon reports; things got tense. Mariah may be a warrior but she’ll need help. When Rey relays his own encounter with Adam, Sharon comments that she believes Adam wants to be a better person but may not have the skillset yet.

Back at the office, a conflicted Adam sighs as he holds Connor’s cap.

Putting Dominic in his bassinet, Abby goes into the kitchen seconds before Mariah comes through the front door and makes a beeline for the bassinet – hi handsome. Did you miss me? I missed you so much. She’s humming quietly to Dominic when Abby returns to watch with horror.

At the penthouse, Devon pauses to look at a framed photo of himself and Neil. He’s brought to tears as he flashes back to welcoming Dominic into the world.