Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

Sally scolds Adam for being 20 minutes late – at least he didn’t bail (like she assumes his Father wanted him to) When Adam tries to get down to business, Sally needs to eat first.

Vikki and Elena bond over their love of cooking. Vikki’s not a great chef but can manage grilled cheese. As the ladies excuse themselves, Ashland recognizes the face of a man who knows how lucky he is. Nate agrees.

Devon confides that he misses Hilary (and the baby they lost) Lily will be there for her brother (and won’t make it about her guilt; which he appreciates.

Mariah? Abby calls out as she comes through the door – I found someone to cover at Society so you’re off the hook. Hmmm, maybe she’s feeding or rocking him, Abby’s increasingly worried as she runs upstairs.

Over drinks at Society, Sally touts herself as a great designer who gets in her own way (and thinks Adam can relate) You’re not wrong, he admits.

Hearing that Nate lost his fiance, Ashland now understands him better. You don’t see loss as frightening. Smiling, the ladies admire their men from across the room.

Joking about their fortune cookies, Lauren asks her friend Jack if he has everything he needs to be happy.

Devon tells Lily that he feels sorry for Chance. When he comes home it’ll hit him hard (how much he missed) But if he knew he had a son, the distraction might put him in more danger. Abby then calls to tell Devon that she had to go to Society briefly – and now, Mariah’s gone. Asking Lily to lock up when she leaves, Devon heads to Abby’s.

I thought you were going to stop pestering me about my love life, Jack objects. Yes, the house is too quiet and empty without Kyle and Harrison. Lauren finds the way he talks about being a grandparent appealing. You’ll love it, Jack’s sure.

Now at her place, Vikki and Elena go to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine – leaving Nate and Ashland to discuss Italy. Join us at the wedding – we’d love to have you there, Ashland invites. In fact, he’d like Nate to be his best man.

Abby’s relieved when Mariah wheels Bow … Dominic in. Sorry – we just went for a walk on the grounds. No need for alarm, Mariah’s surprised by Abby’s stress. Last time you disappeared you were gone for three weeks, Abby reminds – then shifts her focus to Dominic.

Having looked at Sally’s tablet, Adam likes the dress she designed but isn’t sure it’ll fly with Vikki. He’s not there for business anyway, he’s there for the scintillating conversation. Or, maybe you want to make someone jealous, Sally suggests. Maybe you want to make Jack jealous, Adam counters. Sally was enjoying herself too much to think about Jack (and thinks Adam was having a good time too)

Now alone, Ashland and Vikku snuggle.

Sorry, it was a false alarm, Abby tells Devon when he comes in. He’ll text Lily to tell her everything’s OK. Mariah didn’t want to bother Abby at work but didn’t know what to do when Dominic started crying. The pediatrician told her a walk might do the trick. Devon doesn’t think Mariah ‘crumbled under the pressure’ – you followed your instincts. This Mothering thing isn’t for wimps, Mariah thinks it harder than one would think. Abby eavesdrops.