Thursday, September 8th, 2021

At home, a heavy-hearted Jack sets his wine glass down, turns out the lights and is about to turn in for the night when he comes across a soldier figurine Harrison left behind. Pulling out his phone, he types then sits to mope.

Where’s your she-devil tonight? Phyllis asks Adam in TGP’s lobby. Sally would be gone if you didn’t let Chloe hire her. She ran MY DAUGHTER out of town. Adam knows that Phyllis sees herself in Sally. Your ‘tell’ is running out of the room.

At CL’s, Nick and Sharon chat about Summer, Dominic, Mariah and Adam. How was the launch? Great until Sally decided to mix it up with Phyllis. Nick reminds Sharon of the time she dumped milk on his Mom’s head. Well, Phyllis did the same thing to Sally. She keeps finding new ways to surprise me.

Phyllis was driving by Jack’s and saw the lights on. Actually, no – she saw his post to Kyle on the family group thread and thought he might be lonely.

Victor appreciates Sally coming out to the ranch so quickly. She couldn’t keep TGVN waiting – and has some idea as to why she’s been summoned.

Assuming she’s been called over to discuss the incident with Phyllis, Sally thinks it that livened up the launch party. Wanting to get to know Sally better, Victor wastes no time mentioning Summer.

Back at the coffee house, Nick manages to mention Jack being overprotective of Phyllis AND touch upon Sharon’s connection with Adam.

Appreciating Jack stopping her from making a (bigger) mess at the party and his ‘pocket square’, Phyllis comments on his melancholy text to Kyle. Yes, Jack’s OK, just winding down with a glass of wine before bed. No, don’t leave, he could use a friend right now. What’s really going on? she asks.

Jack keeps saying he’s fine but clearly isn’t (as evident by the tears) He doesn’t want to get used to the silence and emptiness. Traci and Ashley come and go – Kyle and Harrison are gone. You’re lonely, Phyllis wisely concludes. You have no idea, Jack admits.

Sharon’s not secretly drawn to Adam – she’s committed to her marriage. I’M TELLING THE TRUTH (loudly) Nick can understand why she’d want to let Adam back in her life – he saved Faith (and me) Sharon sits to admit that it’s hard for her to turn her back on Adam. Does Rey understand that? Nick asks – twice.

Sally will save Victor time – she got the message from Nikki (re: Summer) and was warned (by Chloe) about Connor. Is it Victor’s place to dictate his adult son’s personal life, or hers for that matter? Arguing with me would be a big mistake, Victor warns. Enter Adam to wonder if he missed a memo about this meeting.

Victor invited Sally over to tell her ‘certain things’. She needs to know the whole Connor situation. Apparently, he doesn’t trust you to communicate what’s going on between you and Connor’s Mother yourself, Sally quips. Victor hopes Sally will make good use of the information she’s been given. Am I being dismissed? Why, yes, she is – by Adam (who sticks around to scold his Father) Victor knows a cling-on when he sees one. What the hell happened to Adam wanting to be a good Father??