Thursday, September 8th, 2021

Sharon feels that she and Rey get through the day like any other couple does – things can’t always be smooth sailing with Nick and Phyllis. Actually, it is – Nick’s learned to ‘roll with it’ and accept Phyllis for who she is. He can see that Sharon’s holding something back on the subject.

Jack’s embarrassed by his loneliness. Phyllis understands. We’re born alone, we die alone. Is this supposed to be a pep talk? he chuckles. Sure that Sally was the wrong woman for Jack, Phyllis can’t imagine who he thought she’d turn out to be. Honestly? I hoped she’d turn into you, he admits.

Sally strides into Society to order the best Scotch the bartender has – she’s moved up to be a target of both Nikki and Victor Newman. He wants me to stop seeing his son. To my boss’s Father – jerk (she drinks)

Adam assumes Victor resents Sally because of what went down with Summer. No, he resents Sally because she’s a social climber who was fired by Lauren and is now using Adam. You’re galavanting around town with that dame while your son’s in a confused state. Adam will always put Connor first and warns his Dad against micromanaging his life; which has driven them apart in the past.

Regretting how his relationship with Phyllis has hurt Sharon, Nick believes that said relationship has matured. Sharon understands why he’d want something easy and comfortable. Whoah – you think something’s missing? That I’m settling.

Sally could never be me on my best day. You don’t want another me, Phyllis tries to convince Jack. Yes, he just might – You’re the most captivating, gorgeous woman I’ve ever known – the most frustrating – but maybe Jack didn’t move on because Red set the bar too high. It’s not the drink talking. I’ve never stopped loving you, never will. Our time’s over, you’ve moved on, Jack knows she’s happy with … Nick – that’s a fact, she says too quickly. Jack has another fact – I still deeply love you. I can’t stop. It won’t go away.

Comfortable and easy – no offense but couldn’t Nick say the same about Sharon and Rey? Sharon avoids answering – she’s happy that Nick’s happy. Wanna help me close up? Sure, Nick knows the drill. Casting frequent glances at each other they go through the once familiar routine.

By the time Phyllis comes out of the kitchen with a glass of water, Jack’s asleep on the couch. Putting a blanket over him, Phyllis leaves looking troubled.

Sally? Sally? Adam interrupts her fantasizing about him at Society’s bar. No, she’s not mad, she’s distracted. Why are you here?

Adam’s sorry his Father called Sally over for a lecture – he was over the line. That said, he’s reevaluated the situation – we shouldn’t see each other outside the office anymore.

And as we hear Sally’s voiceover about the word ‘should’, Nick’s home (?) and perched on the edge of the bed. Her back to him, Phyllis’s eyes are wide open. Jack awakens in a rimpled state. Sally talks – You decide what you want no matter how people will react…. Sharon’s left to daydream behind CL’s closed sign …. Sally whispers in Adam’s ear – f people don’t like it, that’s their problem – to hell with them, she leaves him to smirk.

My Thoughts: Sharon’s outfit is stunning – but did she borrow Faith’s Bedazzler or what? It’s a good thing Nick helped her close up. I’d have liked to have seen Sharon attempt to upend all those chairs onto the tables. And is there any point unless you’re going to mop the floor? …. Oh hey Jack, sure – you just leave that almost empty glass of wine on the table – one of the servants will be around shortly to collect it for you…. Knowing that Jack has an addictive personality, and what she went through with him before (with the pills) why isn’t Phyllis more alarmed that he’s drinking alone and using alcohol to kill his pain?…… I guess Sally’s question to Victor was rhetorical. Of COURSE he’s dictating his adult son’s personal life. He’s Victor Newman. It’s his MO with ALL his kids. That’s why instead of the traditional Father/Daughter dance, Victor went with something Blue (as in having the men in blue arrest the groom) … If Victor doesn’t want to be seen for the fossil he is, he should stop using terms like ‘gallivanting’ and ‘dame’. And as heinous a person as Sally is, Victor must be forgetting Adam’s worst acts if he thinks who he chooses to date indicates that he’s slipping into his ‘old ways’ … Now for the Play At Home portion of today’s comments – go into any fine dining establishment in your area and ask for a glass of the best Scotch. I double-dog dare you. Kudos to the bartender for not looking behind him and saying ‘Who? Me? Are you … talking…to me?’ I’d have been more impressed if he’d said. Who is this Victor and Nikki Newman? I have no idea who you’re talking about’… Oh, please tell me we’re not going to do this again; Phyllis/Jack/Nick/Sharon (who somehow gets two extra options with Adam and Rey) When, and more importantly WHY did Nick move from a spacious mansion to a one-room suite? Where do he and Phyllis keep all their clothes even? You’d think that, as the owner of TGP, Phyllis’ suite would look different from Amanda’s, Kyle/Summer’s, Ashland’s, Victor’s etc. etc.