Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Speak to Chelsea first, Sharon thinks that will put her in the right headspace for when she talks to Connor. Adam worries about how she might react when he tells her there’s no chance of reconciliation. He’s been getting a vibe from Chelsea – but maybe it’s just her being civil for Connor’s sake. Sally eavesdrops outside the office as Sharon talks about Adam setting the foundation for Connor moving forward. Adam will do everything she suggests. You always steer me in the right direction. Sally looks jealous.

Sally continues to eavesdrop as Adam and Sharon discuss how best to tell Connor. Use clear and simple words, be open and honest – and respectful of Chelsea, Sharon stresses that Connor needs to know that his parents will always love him. Adam again thanks Sharon – nice to know you still believe in me. Sally bursts in with some important numbers to share with Adam (claiming she didn’t know he was with someone)

Back from her trip to Italy, Nikki updates Vikki (at Society) that the staff at the palazzo are preparing for the wedding. She wants everything to be perfect for Vikki and Ashland. As for his health, Vikki’s happy to report that treatment is going very well – she’s optimistic that she’ll have more time with Ashland. We’re making every minute count. I’m sure you are, Nikki’s comment wipes the smile off Vikki’s face.

Even if Nate and Elena had wedding details they wouldn’t really feel comfortable relaying them (especially to the bride’s ex) We might have to sign an NDA to go to this wedding, Elena jokes. She then adds that Ashland was the one to invite them. At the counter, Billy latches onto something Nate said. Something’s not right, he tells Lily.

Agreeing to all go out to dinner sometime, Billy’s left to talk ‘red flags’ with Lily – Ash/Vic/Nate/El are having dinner together. Ashland’s donating to Nate’s project at Memorial. They’re invited to the wedding; flying them halfway around the world. Lily sees no reason not to accept Ashland at face value – maybe the diagnosis changed him.

Hearing about the portrait, Nikki declares it a wonderful gift. Replacing Dad’s portrait isn’t a slight against him, Vikki reassures. Nikki knows that – then is troubled to hear that the closer they get to the wedding date, the more Vikki worries what she’ll do if she loses Ashland.

Sally didn’t mean to interrupt – she has something important to discuss with Adam. Well, he’s discussing something important with Sharon right now. I should get going, Sharon decides (and completely ignores Sally as she exits) Adam’s left to bust Sally – he saw her at the door – you knew you were interrupting. Sharon and I were discussing Connor. And when it comes to his son, Adam doesn’t appreciate games.

Sally’s really sorry – she means it this time. It was foolish and immature to eavesdrop. Truth is, she got jealous. About Sharon? Adam seems surprised. Your past, present and future relationship with Sharon is none of my business. As for her important matter, she’ll email Adam (having taken up enough of his time already) Close the door on your way out, Adam instructs. He then calls Chelsea – we need to have a discussion about the future and about our son.

This has been Nikki’s worry the whole time. Your time with Ashland could be cut short. It’s OK to have some fears. Are you saying I should back out of the wedding? Vikki asks.

Putting his phone away, Billy got more info from an investigator – or rather, no news – again; a dead end. How can someone have no record of the first 20 years of their life? Lily wonders why this matters so much to Billy. Ashland’s empire could be a lie – everyone needs to know that, Billy insists – Vikki needs to know that. And she’s all the motivation Billy needs.

Ashland looks concerned and puzzled by a text he receives – ‘You’re a hard man to keep track of’.

Next: Looking hurt, Vikki I asked you if there were any more secrets I needed to know – and you said no. This is something I hoped you’d never need to know, Ashland’s replies sheepishly ….. Mariah’s in tears – I’m terrified. Of Stitch? Tessa asks. Yes, everyone tells me that security’s been beefed up around here and that Stitch wouldn’t risk coming back- but what if he does??!! …. Nick’s question throws Jack off – do Phyllis and I seem like a good fit to you?

My Thoughts: How many times does Billy have to be told that there’s no story to be found in Ashland’s past? How many of ChanceCom’s investigators is he wasting on this? And what is ChanceCom publishing in the meantime? And whatever happened to Traci’s project? If Billy’s concern is his kids, why are they spending more time with Hannah than him? Also, at some point Lily will get fed up with Billy’s obvious obsession with his ex. And if it’s dirt Billy wants, why hasn’t he gone to visit Tara in prison? ….. What part of staying away from each other does Sharon not understand? And how lame a detective is Rey if he doesn’t clue in that his wife’s just not that into him? …. Is it THAT odd that a man Ashland’s age wouldn’t have info online? He was born in 1958 for God’s sake! His birth certificate was likely filled out with a feather-pen dipped in ink that was mixed with pestle and mortar. I’m WAY younger and pretty sure my birth certificate isn’t online … Shoutout to Connie W for her words of inspiration. Much appreciated!