Monday, September 13th, 2021

Jack doesn’t think he’s the best person to advise Nick (given the history he shares with Phyllis) Things are going so well Nick worries they might be headed for another trainwreck.

The press finds and reports on things that are newsworthy, Billy’s just doing his job. Warning Billy not to hurt her daughter, Nikki’s troubled to hear that there’s documentation on the first two decades of Ashland’s life.

After going to work at the TV station, Ashland knew it’s where his future lay. His hard work soon caught the eye of his mentor, Camilla Rhodes. Declaring his life an incredible journey, Vikki’s distressed when Ashland experiences sudden pain.

In the park still, Tessa kneels before Mariah to say she didn’t call her a mess and thought she was doing the right thing by confiding in Abby – there’s nothing wrong in asking for help. Mariah feels betrayed and that Abby doesn’t trust her with Dominic.

Ashland’s sorry for scaring Vikki. Does this change how you see me? Vikki’s surprised but admires Ashland and appreciates him letting her in. Hearing the doorbell, he doesn’t feel like company and escapes to the kitchen as Nikki bursts in to relay Billy’s news about Ashland’s mysterious past. Vikki’s just begun to rant when Ashland comes out to say he wants to put this to rest once and for all.

Nick’s always trusted Jack’s advice – are Phyllis and I too good to be true? Are you in love with her? Absolutely. Then why question that gift? Nick worries that things are too easy and comfortable. Everyone deserves happiness, Jack believes. Agreeing, Nick gets a text from his Mom. Thanking Jack for his advice, he hurries out of CL’s.

Nikki calls Victor – I think we’re about to get all the answers we want about Ashland.

Also getting a text from Nikki that summons him out to the ranch to discuss Ashland, Billy practically flies out of Society.

Jack’s home to flashback to propose to a much younger Phyllis in that very room. With a kiss, she accepts.

What the hell are you doing here? Victor asks Billy. I was invited. At my request, Vikki adds. Ashland thanks all for coming so quickly. You all worry I’m hiding something in my past that might hurt Vikki (a concern he understands) You have a secret we don’t know, Billy’s self-righteous.

Devon’s not sure Abby can fix the problem – it’s not your fault that Ben kidnapped Mariah. Abby’s so happy to be a new Mom but sad that the friend who gave her this gift is struggling. Devon thinks they need to give Mariah time. You’re my rock, my voice of reason. When a fussy Dominic won’t take his bottle, Mariah returns with Tessa – mind if I try? Dominic continues to cry.

Disappointed, Mariah hands Dominic back to Abby – who then passes him to Devon to ‘give it a shot’. Devon calms him down instantly without needing the bottle.

Ashland will save everyone further trouble – you all deserve to know who stands before you. Vikki hopes the secret Ashland’s about to confide doesn’t leave this room. With all due respect, Victor wishes he’d get to it. Ashland will tell them all who he is …..