Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

You’ll be an anonymous source, Billy promises; he doesn’t buy that Ashland was just a lucky kid who struck it rich. How much would it be worth to you? Jesse asks. A hundred thousand. As Ashland knocks on the door and calls his name, Jesse jots down a figure for Billy – 500K

Is there any other info on this guy? Phyllis asks. Nick knows a bit about his first job in New Jersey for a woman named Camilla. Phyllis types some more – Tom’s River, New Jersey. He was 20 when he started working there. How long before taking that job did Ashland change his name? Phyllis now looks for deaths around that age. We’ll go through the list and find out who’s ID Locke took.

Looking for Gaines in the lobby, Ashland encounters Victor – who notes that he looks like a man with a lot on his mind.

Ashland’s just tying up some loose ends with one of his lawyers. Victor raves about Vikki’s portrait and admires Ashland for breaking the cycle of abuse and becoming a successful businessman. He welcomes him into the family. Both vow to always protect Vikki.

Phyllis has narrowed the search down to three men. Ashland #2 looks promising. Are you sure you want to do this? she wants Nick to think about it. This could change everything, namely his relationship with his sister and Father. Nick must see this through. If one of these men is the real Ashland Locke, who is my sister’s about to marry???

Back at TGP, Billy pauses to chat with the ‘two captains of industry’. The big day’s approaching. There’s a lot of moving parts – forgetting one small detail can bring the whole thing crashing down. Victor warns Billy that he’ll crush him if he causes Vikki any grief. Good to know, Billy saunters out.

As Vikki hesitates over sending a text to Ashland – thinking about you, Phyllis drops by – wow – that’s a statement, she looks at the portrait and is surprised to hear that Victor loves it. What are you doing here? You forgot your bracelet at the spa. That’s two days in a row you’ve been friendly – or is there something else going on here? Vikki wonders. Phyllis just wants everyone to be happy. Thanked by Vikki, she leaves her to take Abby’s call.

Billy’s on the phone with Lily – You saw the look on Ashland’s face when he saw I was talking to Gaines. He’ll give us an exclusive. I’m meeting him later and will call you afterward, he hangs up and smirks to himself – so much for the big Italian wedding.

Cradling Dominic as she’s on the phone (at home) Abby tells Vikki that she can see why she fell in love with Ashland – his face lights up when he talks about you – you’ve finally met your equal. You deserve this. Vikki’s thrilled to have her sister’s support.

Nick’s packed and ready to take the jet to Jersey to see the three potential Ashland Lockes. I couldn’t have done this without you (Phyllis) She’s troubled by the position Vikki’s in but believes that Nick’s doing the right thing – you’re a good brother. Nick hopes to come back with answers.

‘Love you’, Vikki hangs up with Abby as Ashland returns to her office. She wonders if he’s been busy working on the expensive gift he’s arranging for her.

In his suite, Gaines opens the door – finally, he expects to see Billy. Mr Gaines, I presume – Victor can see that he recognizes who he is – what are you up to?

Nest Week: Sharon’s not making you work, is she? Why are you backing out of our date? Moses asks Faith …. Vikki confronts Phyllis – I just heard that Nick took the jet to New Jersey – I want to know why … Back the hell off Billy – do us all a massive favour and don’t show your face at the wedding – you’re no longer welcome, Nikki informs.