Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Nick signed up to coach Christian’s football team; he wants Phyllis to be his co-coach. Wow, this is a commitment, I know nothing about football. No problem – Nick knows everything about it. Let’s go! he tosses the ball at Phyllis. It falls on the ground. We’ll work on that.

Nikki hands over her tablet to show off the new landscaping at the polazo. This is really going to happen, Vikki sighs. Is there some reason you didn’t think it could? Or should? Nikki asks pointedly.

Jesse Gaines, suite 405 – could you see if I have any messages? At GP’s front desk, Billy claims that he used to know someone by that name – someone from Jersey his Dad did business with. Ah, my Dad. Having taken over his law firm, Jesse has no idea what business their Father’s might have done together. Advertising? TV stations? Billy prods. What brings you to town? A personal matter. In the entrance, Lily loudly greets Ashland. Oh – you’re here to meet with Ashland Locke, Billy grins.

Vikki has NO doubts about this wedding. Nikki can relate to being victimized by a father (so can Victor) but doesn’t it bother you how easily Ashland lied to you? No – he can tell me anything. Would he have told you on his own? Nikki wonders. We’ll never know now that’s to Billy backing him into a corner.

Please excuse me, Ashland hurries past Lily to see that Billy’s met one of his lawyers. Jesse takes client/lawyer confidentiality very seriously – he didn’t say a thing, Billy then manages to bring up his Father working with Jesse’s Father – and the death of Camilla Rhodes. Jesse’s Father was a good man, Ashland leads him off. Definitely something going on there, he tells Lily.

Nick’s enthusiasm for football is NOT rubbing off on Phyllis – who manages to change the subject to Vikki, Ashland, then confronting Victor’s Father. He talked to Rey. He thinks it suspicious that there’s no record of Ashland changing his name.

Nick thinks Phyllis will be an amazing coach. Nope, she’s too busy with the hotel and is too way competitive. I’ll come to every game with incredible snacks, she promises. Nick shrugs – it’s cool, you’re busy, he’s obviously disappointed. If you need a super sleuth to investigate the true identity of a billionaire, I’m your girl. We’ll just head back, Nick doesn’t seem interested.

Nikki hopes Vikki’s making her decisions for the right reasons. She’s marrying Ashland because she loves him. Who else would have thought of getting me that portrait? He’s planning another surprise; something extravagant – which is a much better distraction than his illness or whatever crap Billy’s trying to dig up.

Ashland has 1.5 million now and will pay Jesse the rest in installments. What if you die next week? Jesse asks. Billy’s suspicious. He wrote that expose on Adam Newman. If he found out how you bought Camilla’s TV stations – it’d make a juicy story.

Nikki thinks Vikki should trust her instincts. Vikki trusts Ashland’s love for her.

Jesse wants the other 2.5 million within 3 days or he sells his story to ChanceCom.

Phyllis is enjoying a foot rub when Nick stops – he needs a break. No, he’s not mad that she doesn’t want to be his assistant coach. Yes, she meant it when saying she’d look into Ashland’s past. Nick can’t shake the feeling that Ashland’s hiding something. Phyllis is happy to help. OK, let’s do it – let’s find how Ashland Locke came to be Ashland Locke.