Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

Tessa and I want to find a new home as soon as we can, Mariah informs. Sharon thinks her more immediate issue should be getting past this postpartum separation anxiety. Wanting to recommend a specialist, she asks Mariah not to rush into anything big. What exactly have you and Tessa been talking about!? Mariah asks. Sharon claims that she badgered Tessa until she confessed Mariah’s desire to have a baby. You’ll both be wonderful Mothers but don’t make a kneejerk reaction. Having a baby with the woman I love is the next step to me moving on, Mariah insists.

At Society, Abby extends an open invitation to Tessa (and Mariah) anytime they want to visit – I really miss you guys. Tessa then gets a text from Mariah – we need to talk. Abby hopes there’s not a problem. Tessa will go find out. Exiting, she passes Devon and Amanda (who ask how Mariah is) Briefly telling Abby about Moses and Faith’s mystery date, Amanda gets a text from Imani – she’s taking Naya to the hospital. Amanda needs to go – alone. Dinner for one, Devon’s left to sigh to Abby.

I’M the one you’re mad at? Nick’s astounded when Vikki storms out, Ashland concludes that Nick got what he wanted. Nick just wanted the truth. Oh yes, the truth solves everything – look how it helped Vikki, Ashland’s sarcastic. Nick still doesn’t understand how Ashland could watch his best friend die – and his first instinct was to grab his wallet. That tells Nick everything he needs to know about Ashland. Ashland made hard choices in a tragic situation; something Nick will never understand.

Ashland finds Vikki gazing up at her portrait. He’s truly sorry for not being completely honest on how he became Ashland Locke. How’s Vikki supposed to trust him now? Why didn’t you tell me? Shame – it was too painful to talk about, Ashland never told another living soul – he held on to that image for 40 years – that horrible night has haunted him ever since. What if I stayed? What if I got help? Maybe have pulled Ash from the wreckage. But, if his life had taken a different direction it wouldn’t have lead him to Vikki. Ashland’s never loved anyone the way he does her. He hopes and prays this won’t be the end of their relationship. Vikki needs some time. Ashland will give her all the time she needs (and leaves)

Faith raves about having dinner at Top of the Tower, in a private room no less! Moses called in a favour – Victor owed him after losing a chess match. Devon’s new singer serenading us was cool too. Faith didn’t like the date, she loved it! The most perfect night ever! Inside, Sharon smiles as she watches.

At Newman, Nick understands why Vikki doesn’t want to see him. I begged you to leave this alone, she sulks. You also said that you had serious concerns about the man you’re about to marry, Nick reminds that Ashland was forced to come clean. He had to make the hardest decision of his life – leaving his friend behind in a car that was about to blow up. How would you like the mistakes of YOUR youth thrown in your face? Vikki adds that Nick was born privileged, so can’t relate to what Ashland went through. Vikki doesn’t see how something that happened 40 years ago should mean that Ashland doesn’t deserve love and happiness.

At Society, Abby and Devon discuss Tessa being worried about Mariah. She needs time – there’s only so much we can do.

Hey, Tessa comes home to ask how Mariah’s visit with Sharon went. Mariah blasts her for going behind her back – again – you told her I wanted to have a baby! How could you do that? Why would you do that to me!?

Don’t get self-righteous with me – you betrayed me, Vikki tells Nick to go to Summer’s wedding in Italy – but don’t bother flying to Tuscany. I’m no longer invited? Nick asks. Just go, Vikki orders. This news concerns you more than you’re admitting, Nick says in parting.

While Ashland drinks alone at Society, Vikki fumes in her office.