Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Ashland’s resisting the urge to call Vikki when Nate joins him at Society. Everything OK? You seem off. Ashland has some vexing issues that remain unresolved. Nate’s here if he needs a friend. Ashland does.

In her office, Vikki blames her mood on wedding stress. Did Ashland answer your questions? Nikki wonders. Vikki learned more about Ashland’s past. I know who he really is.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack excuses himself to call the pilot while Phyllis asks Nick about his trip. One thing he can say for sure – Vikki’s making a terrible mistake.

In their suite, Mariah feels betrayed by Tessa talking to Sharon about the baby issue. Tessa needed someone to talk to. Talk to me, Mariah implores. You don’t want to hear what I have to say, Tessa sighs.

Back at Society, Ashland explains that things from his past have come to light. He was young – made choices – then, one defining moment changed his life for the better. He saw an opportunity and took it. My bride now knows that chapter of my life. Is the wedding still happening? Nate could tell that Vikki was tense earlier. Yes, and that was before she knew the half of it, Ashland’s grim.

In her office, Vikki tells her Mom that Ashland took the name of a friend who died in a car accident they were in. What! Why? Nikki sputters. To start a new life – to escape his Father. Ashland regrets not telling me. It was heartbreaking watching him relive that painful time in his life. Nikki told Billy to stay away. It’s not Billy – worse – it’s Nick, Vikki sadly reports.

Still at Jack’s, Phyllis is stunned to hear that Bobby DeFranco stole the identity of his deceased friend. Nick planned to confront Ashland but he brought Vikki along. She’s done with me. That’s what I get for doing the right thing.

Tessa didn’t want to disappoint Mariah. But you’re not listening to me. She wants a family one day, but not now. Reasons include – their careers – where they live – and Tessa’s not ready to be a Mom. Going over the traumatic events Mariah’s endured, Tessa feels she needs to work through that first. Mariah hears what Tessa’s saying, but completely disagrees.

Back at Society, Nate considers himself a good judge of character; he believes Ashland is a decent guy. Most of us have ghosts in our past. Ashland hopes Vikki can see it that way.

Announcing that he’s been disinvited to the wedding, Nick tells Phyllis that Ashland wasn’t able to save his friend’s life – so assumed it to escape his Father. He has to wonder what other secrets he’s keeping. Phyllis wants him to go to the wedding – make things right with Vikki, before it’s too late.

Still at Newman, Vikki tells her Mom that Phyllis lied when confronted on Nick’s whereabouts. He wants you to be happy, Nikki defends her son. Hearing that he was disinvited to the wedding, she warns Vikki that she may regret it. Is the wedding still on?

Mariah wants to have a baby to save herself. She can’t go back to her old life after having Bowie – she has so much love to pour into a child. Tessa needs to be in the right mindset. She feels it unfair to expect a baby to heal the hole in Mariah’s heart – and it’s not fair to push me into something I’m not ready for.