Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Vikki gives me reason to live, Ashland whines. What happens now? Nate asks. He’ll wait; give her time and space (though his heart says something different) Follow your heart, Nate advises.

Vikki has no answers for her Mother. She loves Ashland and he’ll be the first to know how she’ll handle this.

Still at Jack’s, Nick will focus on Summer and Kyle’s wedding. They can’t wait to get on that jet. Jack returns to say ‘unfortunately, that won’t happen’.

Tessa wants to keep the lines of communication open – we can handle anything life throws our way. Declaring their love for one another, Tessa’s sure they’ll get where they want to be. No more baby-talk until after our trip to Tuscany. Mariah doesn’t want to push Tessa away. Tessa will always be there ~hug~

Jack informs that due to bad weather, they can’t fly out until tomorrow morning. Phyllis and Nick will go but leave their luggage at Jack’s. Thanks for keeping me company, Phyllis leaves Jack to make faces (as Traci watches)

No longer needing to go to NY, Traci will join the flight to Italy. She noticed the warmth in Jack’s voice and his ‘wistful’ expression when watching Phyllis leave. No, Traci doesn’t need to be worried. Jack respects Nick and Phyllis’ relationship so won’t act on his feelings. Don’t worry about me.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis ends a call with Summer. Their delay won’t cause any problems. Do you regret going to Jersey? she asks Nick – are you sorry you pursued it?

Ashland’s now at Newman. Nikki hates what this is doing to her daughter. Let her resolve this. Give her space and wait for her to reach out, she advises Ashland (who decides to get a suite at TGP)

In bed already? Tessa will come too – she can’t wait to fall asleep in Mariah’s arms. She blathers on until finally noticing that Mariah’s asleep. I love you, she whispers before turning out the light and leaving the room. Now alone, Mariah’s eyes pop open.

Traci and Jack have a nice chat about hearing the voices of their deceased loved ones. Jack got advice from their Mother – Traci talks to Colleen all the time. It’s perfectly normal. Jack tells his sister not to worry about him. Love never dies – everyone who touches our heart stays there.

In their suite, Phyllis blames herself for advising Nick to go to Jersey. He has no regrets. Vikki’s no fool. She still loves and respects Ashland. Maybe you helped her go into this marriage with her eyes wide open, Phyllis comments.

Vikki’s surprised to see Ashland at TGP – with his luggage.