Friday, October 1st, 2021

Ashland will tell Vikki about Jesse Gaines – but can we do it on the way to Italy? He truly believes that she hasn’t stopped loving him. Of course, Vikki still loves Ashland. Getting away from everyone trying to interfere in our lives might give us time to figure everything out. Ashland was hoping she’d say that.

Now at Society, Billy greets Phyllis by saying ‘you just missed Nick’. Yes, Billy spoke to him. He’s keyed up about Vikki’s wedding. So much for our intimate conversation, Phyllis sighs to Amanda. Drinks are on me, Billy takes a seat. After Phyllis excuses herself to take a call, Billy and Amanda catch up on Sutton’s trial and her starting her own law firm with her sister. Billy’s happy for her. She’s happy for him too. Billy then mentions an investigation he’s following the money on – a 20-year-old who came into an inheritance from someone he barely knew. He’d love to get Amanda’s take on it.

No, Vikki’s not at TGP to see Nick. No, she doesn’t want to have a seat and talk to him. You betrayed my trust. Ashland and I are in love. I asked you to leave it alone. Just let me be happy. Nick points out that his concerns were legitimate and that Ashland only confessed once caught. Do you have more doubts about him? Ashland exits the elevator to watch the siblings.

By the time Abby gets back with the drops, Devon’s got Dominic settled in his bassinet. After Abby gives Dominic the drops, she high-five’s Devon and thanks him, for everything.

Back at CL’s, Adam admits the dress is spectacular – did Chloe work with you on it? No, it’s all Sally. She’s hoping the dress will be ready to show Vikki tomorrow afternoon. If not, will you fly to Italy for a wedding you’re not invited to? Adam sees flaws in Sally’s plan.

Baggage in hand, Ashland tells Nick that Vikki’s decided to fly to Tuscany with him tonight. She has some things to finish at work then will be home to pack. As for my brother, my decision stands – he’s not welcome, Vikki gives Nick the death glare on her way out. How the hell did you pull this off? Nick’s left to ask Ashland.

Still at Society, Billy wonders how Ashland was able to pull off what he did. Amanda thinks it slightly possible that he formed a connection with someone and was left an inheritance. How difficult is it to change a will after someone’s passed away? Billy asks. The person in the best position to do that would be the lawyer who drew up the will – but they’d risk disbarment and possible jail time. Amanda relays another way to do it is if someone came forward with a document that said the deceased changed their mind. Phyllis comes back to ask what they’re discussing so intently.

Dominic now asleep, Devon appreciates being welcome to come over any time. Mariah isn’t communicating with them too much. Abby hopes she’ll come around soon. No, she hasn’t heard from Chance; he’s missing so much. When Dominic fusses, Devon jumps up to tend to him. Abby smiles.

Back at Society, Phyllis asks if Billy’s leaving soon. Taking the hint, he leaves. Amanda guesses they were pretty intense when together. Yes, but Phyllis will always remember how Billy destroyed Jack. So much happened between her and Jack and gripes vaguely about ‘outside influences’. There’s people you hold close to your heart; Jack’s one of them.

Still in TGP lobby, Nick asks Ashland how he got Vikki to overlook everything he told her to go forward with the wedding. She’s like her Father, Ashland replies – they realize the world’s not black and white. Mistakes are made, and forgiven. Nick’s about to walk away when Ashland calls him back – we’re not finished.

With a smile, Abby watches Devon as he sleeps in a chair beside the bassinet.

Spectacular, that’s how you described the dress, Sally reminds. You’re playing with fire, Adam warns. That’s what you like about me – Sally will seize the day – give Vikki the dress of her dreams and give Newman Media’s fashion platform buzz in the process. When you set your mind to something, you really commit, Adam has to admit. You have no idea, Sally grins.

Dropping into her chair behind her desk, Vikki looks up at her portrait.

Back in the lobby, Ashland tells Nick that what happened to Bobby DeFranco the night of that accident, the choice I made was the most painful event of my life – tragic and overwhelming – you have no idea what it took to relive it with Vikki. All Ashland can do is go forward. If Nick has any decency and compassion inside him, he’ll keep this information to himself.

At ChanceCom, Billy’s on the phone asking his investigator to dig into the will of Camilla Rhodes. He needs to know if Ashland pulled off anything shady after she died in order to get his hands on her money.