Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Still at Society, Chloe will take a page from Sally’s book and start some gossip. She really hopes this doesn’t backfire. Sally’s sure Chloe will soon have everything she ever wanted – not just a fashion platform, but designs of our own. Chloe decides to go with Sally to the airport to get one more glimpse of the dress that will change everything.

Nikki knows how seriously Vikki takes her vows but is this wedding just for show? Are you forcing yourself into a marriage that shouldn’t happen? Vikki knows what she’s doing – Ashland’s too smart to keep anything else from me. Her only problem is Billy having info he thinks she should know. Worse, he could tell the world Ashland’s secret.

This is all the evidence you need – Ashland thought so or he wouldn’t have been paying me all these years, Jesse points out. Billy’s suspicious – nobody knew what Ashland and your Father were up to? No, Camilla had no family to contest the will. Her inheritance went to obscure charities like cat rescues. Ashland is a master manipulator, he convinced my Father that he was wronged by Camilla. You seem to have a lot of animosity towards Ashland, Billy has to ask why that is.

Jesse describes what amounts to jealousy. He failed to impress his workaholic Father while Ashland came in as a real ‘go-getter’. Finding his Father’s file on Camilla under lock and key, he took the original letter before everything was destroyed. He got angrier and angrier as he read about Locke’s success. He built his business on lies and dragged my Father into it. That crime weighed on him and sent him to an early grave. Knowing that Ashland might die early, Jesse almost felt bad – but he’s a fraud and master manipulator. Jesse wants his revenge; to blow up Locke’s life while he’s still alive to suffer.

How are you holding up? Victor hopes Ashland’s health isn’t suffering from the past catching up with him. No, the only thing that weighs on Ashland is the pain he’s causing Vikki. I’m the one to blame, not Billy. Victor respects him for coming clean. Ashland can only hope he doesn’t lose Vikki.

Back on the terrace, Nikki hopes Vikki’s changed her mind about letting Nick attend the wedding. You can’t want Adam being your only brother here. You’re lashing out at the wrong people – maybe you should be mad at the man who kept secrets from you. Dad kept secrets from you – no marriage is perfect, Vikki points out that this all happened forty years ago. Nick betrayed my confidence; that hurts more than anything. She isn’t sure how she feels about Ashland.

Arriving at CL’s, Sally pauses at the door to smile as Adam talks on the phone with Connor. I love you and will bring you something from Italy. As he tells Sally that he’s tying up a loose end, Victor’s security guy strides over to announce that he has an update on Jesse Gaines.

Brought to the patio, the PI informs Adam that security footage caught Gaines entering Billy’s condo. Good work, Adam dismisses him. I have to take care of something – see you at the airport, This isn’t a date, he snaps. Geez, lighten up, Sally knows what this trip is and isn’t. Scowling at his phone on the way out, he glares – you just can’t help yourself can you?

Victor can’t possibly condone this wedding after hearing this, Billy’s sure. Jesse isn’t – he must have done some shady stuff too. He also doesn’t buy that Billy only wants to save Vikki. That’s fine, Billy doesn’t care what anyone else thinks except her. And that’s why Jesse must come to Tuscany with him – the only way she’ll believe it is ‘from the horse’s mouth’.