Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Ashland’s so sorry that his past actions have hurt Vikki. Now that you know the entire story, what do you think when you look at me? Despite everything, Vikki loves Ashland and wants to be his wife (though it’s not reflected in her kiss)

Mariah’s tempted but can’t go to Italy because Dominic might need her breast milk (despite Abby switching him to formula) Yes, Tessa does understand – she understands that Mariah’s making a lot of excuses.

Was that who I think it was? Jesse comes down to ask. Yes, Victor’s son, Adam – we have to get this show on the road, Billy offers to make it worth his while.

Vikki and Ashland’s kiss is interrupted when Nate and Elena enter to rave about flying on a private jet. It’s the least Ashland could do for his best man (and his lovely lady) As he shows them to their room, Vikki doesn’t look like a blushing bride.

Jesse balks at being delivered into the hands of the two men he betrayed – how can he trust that Billy won’t throw him to the wolves? They won’t do anything with so many people in attendance, Billy’s sure – we get in and get out – right after you tell Vikki what Ashland did. With Jesse still reluctant, Billy has something else to offer that’s far sweeter than money.

You seem a little unsteady, Nate expresses concern on the terrace. Ashland confides that he’s not feeling great, but quickly changes the subject when Elena appears. Informed that Billy really wants to stop the wedding, Ashland’s unconcerned. There’s nothing he can do to stop the wedding.

This place is magical, Nikki’s then annoyed when Victor’s phone pings and he needs to excuse himself to take care of something.

Mariah’s not making excuses – her reasons for staying in GC are legit. Tessa’s sorry if she doesn’t seem supportive – I’m here to help you in any way I can. Then stay with me – don’t go to the wedding, Mariah pleads.

Warmly greeting Nate and Elena, Nikki tells them that she and Victor gifted the palazzo to Vikki and Ashland for their wedding. Victor had to step out for a minute – it’s always something with my husband, she chuckles.

At Society, Adam’s on the phone with Victor. He did his best to dissuade Billy but he seems more determined than ever to stop the wedding. Perhaps he could help more if he knew what Victor isn’t telling him. OK, I’ll tell you everything, Victor decides.

What’s sweeter than money? Revenge, Billy reminds Jesse how much he resents Ashland, and why. Knowing something about being the black sheep of the family, he’s sure Jesse wants to see Ashland’s face when his lies are exposed. It’d be a magnificent moment, Jessa admits – when do we leave?

Mariah doubts it’d be a big deal if Tessa backed out of performing at the wedding. They’re counting on me, Tessa can’t cancel. That would be unprofessional. Mariah agrees – we can talk when you get back, she schleps off into the bathroom. Tessa plops onto the bed, disappointed and frustrated.

Now updated, Adam hopes Billy doesn’t show up at the wedding shooting his mouth off. It would humiliate Vikki and Ashland, destroy his legacy and the reputation of Newman Locke and Newman Media. I paid Gaines a lot of money to go away, Victor adds. How far do you want me to go to stop them? Adam wonders.

On the phone, Billy informs Lily that Katie and Johnny will be packed and ready to go – but you might not even have to get on that flight. If everything goes as planned, there won’t be a wedding.

On the terrace, everyone continues to marvel at the extraordinary wedding venue (which Vikki’s willing to lend Nate and Elena if they decide to get married) Joining the group, Victor’s pleased to see Vikki fawning over Ashland. See? Everything’s well and will continue to go well, he whispers to Nikki.

Next Week: You can almost feel the magic of Tuscany in the air, Jack arrives at the villa. Perfect for a wedding, Nikki comes out to agree. Buenos Aires everybody! Summer and Kyle appear to surprise everyone. Where’s the happy couple? Leslie Brooks enters. How nice to see you, Victor smiles, Nikki on his arm…. Sally quickly jams a garment bag in Vikki’s wardrobe, then hides clutching another garment bag when the bride enters her bedroom…. Ashland’s with Billy – just in case you have any plans to disrupt the wedding, there’s something you should know, his confession is interrupted when Victor walks in to bark at Billy – Wwat the hell are you doing here?!