Friday, October 22nd, 2021

Maybe it’s the Feds with some news, Ashley jumps up to answer the door. Looking at her, Chris and Ashley, Mariah and Tessa immediately detect stress – what’s wrong???????

At Society, Mike updates Amanda and Devon on Sutton’s trial. He’s feeling really good about the jury selected. The defense team, not so much. The trial starts next week. Amanda’s money’s on Mike – getting Sutton convicted and sentenced quickly is best for Naya (and her heart condition) She’s surprised when Mike asks her to testify against her Grandfather.

Billy’s summoned Rey to CL’s to divulge that someone on the verge of exposing something big has gone missing. But, the real person of interest is Adam.

Sally barges into Adam’s office – check your email. She boasts about all the rave reviews on Vikki’s wedding dress in the European press. Let’s go celebrate, Adam will treat. Sally leaves saying she’ll call to invite Chloe.

At TGP, Phyllis teases Nick about going to see Sharon as soon as he got home from Italy. Noah wanted to surprise his Mom, Nick explains – he has no idea why Noah wants to leave London but hopes he’ll open up to him. Phyllis wishes Nick would open up to her.

Mike just wants Amanda to get on the stand and tell the jury exactly what happened – that you were hired to defend Sutton but after digging into the case realized you couldn’t. Isn’t that all covered under lawyer-client privilege? Devon asks. Not everything AFTER Amanda was fired – Mike’s sure the jury will love to hear from Sutton’s granddaughter and former lawyer.

According to the State Department, it’s doubtful anyone survived the blast, Chris updates. It’s possible Chance wasn’t in the building, Abby clings to hope. After Chris excuses herself to make some calls, Abby asks what brings Mariah and Tessa by. Tessa brought Dominic a gift from Italy, Mariah hands over the bear. Thank you for thinking of him, Abby fights tears as she puts the bear in Dominic’s bassinet.

Having flown to Tuscany to confront Ashland about his past, Jesse Gaines vanished from the Newman palazzo. Declining to say what secrets Jesse was going to expose, Billy adds that the Newmans have rallied around Ashland. Adam was in Tuscany and Billy believes he’s responsible. If you want to get rid of Adam once and for all, this is it. Sharon appears to ask what they’re discussing so intently.

Phyllis needs more convincing that everything’s as fine as Nick claims. She wants to be there for him but feels he’s pushing her away. I’m here for you. I’m your teammate ~kiss~ She then leads him by the hand to the elevator – where they kiss some more.