Monday, October 25th, 2021

In the park, Sharon rips into Billy for not letting go of his hatred for Adam. What is it you think he’s done this time???

At the office, Adam and Victor decide it’s the perfect time to attack Billy – since he’s so distracted with looking for Gaines and by Victor’s warning. Ashland arrives.

Rey doesn’t look too happy to come home to find Noah spread out on the sofa with his feet up, surrounded by take-out containers and talking on the phone.

In her office, Vikki gushes about how content she is to be married to Ashland. Nikki’s happy for her – but wishes she’d work things out with her brother. Vikki’s smile vanishes.

As if looking for something she can’t find, Phyllis slams drawers furiously. Nick huffs and stands – are we ever going to talk about this? Phyllis glares at him.

Sorry – Phyllis can’t talk right now – she has to work. Nick’s dealing with some family issues and could use her support (but not her criticism and Newman-bashing) Phyllis feels that every time she tries to support Nick he takes offense. Give me some space, she demands before slamming out.

OK, Nikki will stop pushing Vikki to make amends with Nick – tell me about this honeymoon. Without revealing the destination, Vikki’s planned a romantic/luxurious getaway (after a week of catching up on work)

Ashland’s game to take Billy down a notch. Adam and Victor want to destabilize ChanceCom and scoop up the remains. Ashland won’t keep secrets from Vikki – so don’t tell me anything you don’t want her to know.

Billy’s surprised Rey didn’t tell Sharon that they chatted about Adam. That’s because he doesn’t spread unfounded rumours. Billy will give her the short version – Adam made a man disappear because he has damning information about Ashland. What are we talking about? Sharon scoffs – bribery? Kidnapping? Murder?

Bribery, Kidnapping, Murder – those are your words, not mine – but Billy knows Sharon’s well aware of what Adam’s capable of; so not far-fetched is it? Sharon finds it impossible – Victor wouldn’t be involved in anything like that – and Adam has nothing against Ashland Locke. He deserves a second chance, she marches away.

Noah’s sorry about the mess and hopes it’s cool that he stays a bit. It’s your childhood home, Rey looks forward to getting to know Noah better. Faith’s turned her life around and has fallen for Moses Winters, he blabs. As for Sharon, she’s pretty amazing. So are you – Noah’s impressed with all he’s done for the family (including saving Mariah) His family’s in Miami but this place really feels like home. As Rey exits the room, Noah’s smile fades.

Ashland applauds the cleverness and ruthlessness of the trap Victor and Adam are setting for Billy. Trying to hurt us will be his Achilles heel. We’ll rip ChanceCom out from under his nose, Victor adds.

Running into Jack, Sally asks how the flight home from Italy was – just you and Phyllis, right? Funny how you went from being a couple to being in-laws. Suggesting Sally focus on her own tricky relationship with Adam, Jack excuses himself to catch up on some reading.

Rey re-enters the living room to hope Noah’s making himself at home. He’s not sure how long he’ll stay – it doesn’t feel like home anymore (but neither did London) Rey feels the same way when he goes to Miami. Brace yourself – everyone will want you to stay permanently, he predicts.