Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Honey, I’m so sorry, Ashley hugs Abby as she weeps over Chance’s ring.

On Abby’s front porch, Devon’s on the phone with Amanda – she understands why they need him more than she does. As Devon comes in, Abby’s telling her Dad that she doesn’t need tea – leave me alone.

Amanda can’t believe Sutton has the audacity to show his face at the penthouse. He believes what he has to say could change things.

Vikki returns to her office to find Ashland having an episode.

Where have you been? Billy asks Gaines. And why are you coming here for help? Lily adds.

Devon and Abby’s parents will give her all the space she needs but won’t leave her alone. Lead upstairs by Ashley, Abby resists the urge to pick Dominic up.

Perhaps flying to Peru tomorrow isn’t a good idea, Vikki has to wonder. Ashland is determined – the one thing he can control is getting revenge on Billy. Calling Victor, he’s assured that Billy won’t be able to help himself.

Jesse explains that he was going to take matters into his own hands but then Nick locked him up. Then his less congenial brother had me dragged down to the basement. Adam held you against your will? Lily asks. Yes, that’s exactly what he’s saying. Victor had Newman security drag him out to a farmhouse in the middle of the night. He overheard what sounded like plans to shut him up for good. How did Jesse escape? He searched the wine cellar until he found a boarded-up door. That’s convenient, Lily skeptical – and how did you leave the country? There’s no record of Jesse Gaines leaving Italy.

Sorry. No time for spellcheck or proofreading. This is probably the worst spoiler I’ve published. You were warned.

Victor’s team stripped him of anything useful, passport, ID, money, cell so Gaines hitchhiked to a nearby airfield and stowed away on a cargo plane – the rest of the journey was made by freight train. Lily wonders why Gaines didn’t access the money he’s already been paid. That would have left a trail of expenditures. He’s no longer afraid of the Newmans – he’s enraged and wants to bring them all down. H thought Billy might have had some interest in his mission.

Back at the estate, Victor appreciates Devon’s determination to take care of Abby and Dominic. No, there’s no way Chance survived. Devon’s annoyed that Chance took a dangerous mission – and took an engraved watch that might have been the thing that cost him his life. He didn’t HAVE to do it – he made the CHOICE to do it!

Sutton isn’t having Amanda followed – this is where his lawyer’s sending documents. Hear me out – consider how it will affect your Mother and sister if you testify against me. Naya and Imani depend on me for the life they’ve become accustomed to and deserve. Naya has a husband to take care of her and Imani’s going into practice with me so can support herself. What about my fate? What about my Father’s fate? My and my sister’s fate? You ask me for the one thing you never gave anyone – mercy!