Thursday, November 4th, 2021

At Society, Vikki leaves a long-winded message of support for Abby. Sitting at the bar, Nick receives a frosty greeting. Sit down for a minute? he invites.

At CL’s, Phyllis is sorry she forgot about Amanda’s big case and astonished to hear that Sutton was secretly recording their conversation. Be careful, Phyllis warns – he took our your Father, what makes you think he won’t do the same to you??

Nikki’s surprised when Adam drops by the ranch looking for Victor. Do NOT go over to the Chancellor Estate! She’s then forced to confide that Chance may have been killed.

Billy comes home to update Lily that Gaines is safely tucked into bed at a hotel. He’s trouble – do you really believe his escape-from-Tuscany story? She worries Gaines is out for blood.

Chance’s safe house exploded – his body wasn’t found. Nikki’s sorry – she knew Adam and Chance had a bond. He saved my life – Adam thought he was invincible. Pouring himself a drink, Adam muses – Chance really did want to make the world a better place. Dominic will never know his Father. Whenever Adam’s tempted to backslide he’ll think of Chance. Nikki asks Adam not to share this information, out of respect for Abby.

Back at CL’s, Amanda doubts Sutton would tamper with her brakes the day before he goes to trial for doing the same to my Father. Mike Baldwin is the best, Phyllis asserts confidently. Amanda hopes Devon will make it to court. What could be more important?! Amanda also has to share the secret that Chance may have been killed in an explosion. Well, that adds perspective to Phyllis’ problem – she and Nick are over.

At Society’s bar, Nick admits that he’s hurting; being at odds with Vikki, Dad, even Phyllis. He can’t turn to Abby because she’s got her hands full with the baby. YOU were the one I always turned to when I needed someone, Vikki admits – it was the two of us against the world – or at least against the Newmans. I really miss that right now.

You and Nick love each other, Amanda’s astonished. Yes, but it’s not unconditional love – it won’t survive everything, Phyllis thinks they burnt themselves out.

Vikki agrees – Nick was her rock, until he wasn’t. You took things beyond giving brotherly advice and felt justified in attacking the man I love. Nick wishes he handled things differently – he was just trying to protect his sister. I shouldn’t have gone to New Jersey – wish I never heard the name Bobby Franco. We would have danced at your reception. I’d be in your wedding pictures.

Billy will do his due diligence – the team will look at every aspect of Gaines’s story before pulling the trigger. We gave our word not to run the story, Lily reminds. We can just threaten to publish the story – Adam and Victor will stop coming after us, Billy’s sure. Blackmail? That’s not how we operate, Lily scolds.

Have you tried smoothing things over with Dad? Vikki asks. Nick feels no obligation to apologize; Dad casts us aside when we defy him. Try hearing him out like I’m listening to you now, Vikki suggests. No, the only thing Nick cares about is fixing things with Vic. How about Phyllis? Surely she’s at your side cheering you on as you battle the Newmans, Vic assumes.