Monday, November 15th, 2021

Lily only told Billy to do ‘whatever it takes’ because she was frustrated. Those two bastards were steps ahead of us all along, Billy fumes. Apologizing, Lily wants to focus on saving ChanceCom and its employees – what’s our next move?

Rey pledges his attention to Sharon for the rest of the evening – but his head swivels as Jesse marches out of Society.

Getting no answers from Adam, Sally just wants to protect her job, Newman Media – and him. I can be a valuable asset.

Ashland’s lawsuit isn’t the first and won’t be the last, Billy knows. The story’s true – we need to stand by it. Lily wants to print a retraction; we were hacked, the story was released without our authorization. Billy thinks it might be too late. Lily gasps at his phone – ‘oh no’.

Adam’s grateful to have Sally in his corner but the best way she can contribute to Newman Media is via the fashion line. Everything’s going according to my well-conceived plan – soon, we won’t have to worry about Billy or ChanceCome ever again.

Who are you texting at this hour? Nikki chides Victor. He’ll come up to bed shortly, but first watches Jesse’s press conference retracting his story, admitting to forging Camilla’s letter and admonishing ChanceCom for not fact-checking his claims.

You almost have to admire the thoroughness of the Newman’s plan, Lily sighs – they’ve made us the villains.

Sending Sally home, Adam goes over to chat with Sharon and Rey. His meeting with Jesse was a ‘chance encounter’ but there is something you need to know, detective.

Coming down with her tablet in hand, Nikki questions Victor and learns that Ashland was in on this from the beginning. He and Adam released BillyBoy’s story to take away his leverage. Don’t underestimate him, Nikki fears it’s not over.

We have truth on our side – we’re the good guys. Billy insists that his blackmail was for a noble cause (saving ChanceCom) Lily had a bad feeling all along and worries there’s an even bigger shoe about to drop.

Sharon sees no reason for Adam to interrupt their evening. Adam just the detective to know that Billy came to them – trying to blackmail them with Jesse’s story – that can’t be legal, can it???