Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

You said the real heroes were the men and women in that field hospital, Abby recalls as she looks at a photo of a smiling couple, and on the back is written – Errol and Kim Dunaway, 2008. Chance’s voice (or a voice) informs that Errol and Kim treated him like a son. They deserve that medal. Abby jumps up to sift through an envelope of mail.

Praising Devon’s bravery, Nikki offers her support – this situation might last a while.

Back on the patio, Faith and Moses are sad for Abby – but how nice of Devon to take in Dominic.

Rey must do a thorough investigation before taking this to the DA. If Billy has no proof that they were hacked, his hands are tied. After Rey leaves, Billy calls Adam – you made your point, what do you want? (Adam and Ashland smile/smirk)

Both sides on speakerphone, a smug Adam wants Billy and Lily to get out of the business they’re unqualified for. Newman Media will buy ChanceCom for a decent price. You’ll soon be swamped with lawsuits. On cue, Billy/Lily are formally served. Ashland’s suing us for defamation! Lily exclaims. The gloves are off! Billy snatches up the phone to snarl.

At CL’s, Rey mulls over his case with Sharon. Hmmm – which side does he believe? Though she’s no detective, Sharon figures out that he’s talking about Adam and Billy.

Calling the operator for the Dunaway’s number in Spain, Abby’s connected. ‘Ola’. Is this Kim Dunaway? I’m Chance Chancellor’s wife – I need to know if you’ve had contact with him. You have the wrong number – and it’s a bad connection, the lying woman hangs up. Calling again, Abby’s sure it’s a clue.

Kim Dunaway calls Abby back to say that she doesn’t have much time to talk; Chance is there – he’s alive but ‘in a bad way’ – he needs you. Abby’s ecstatic.

Lily and Billy have hope – Rey believes them and asked for anything they have on Adam.

With a sigh, Rey tells Sharon that he can’t step out of this. Adam has evidence against Billy, but it’s his duty to get to the bottom of this. What he’d like to do is end this war. It’s not your job to find a peaceful solution, Sharon’s the voice of reason.

Billy wonders if he can get Vikki on their side – she called me every name in the book (and clearly wasn’t in on the plan) Or she’s in on it, Lily shifts her focus to call legal (we’ll keep searching for proof that they were hacked) Billy leaves a message for Vikki, then grabs his coat and leaves the office.

The nanny will go back to the estate for onesies and Dominic’s mobile. She’s happy to take care of that little angel wherever he is. Take your time, we’ll be just fine, Devon shows her out. He then reads a letter he finds on the floor. Knowing Dominic’s safe with you is the only way I can do this, Abby’s written – it might take longer than I thought. What the hell did you do? Devon’s worried.

Devon calls Denise the PI – he once again needs her to come out of retirement. I need to find my friend.

Victor makes a call – my daughter’s missing, I need you to find her – fast. He then gets another call – send him in. BillyBoy has bypassed the two ‘minions’ to come directly to the source. Victor’s amused – you collect enemies like some people collect stamps. Billy offers to step down from ChanceCom if Victor convinces Ashland to drop the lawsuit.

Have you seen Billy Abbott? Lily asks Society’s bartender. Did he skip town? Ashland appears to wonder if he can’t take the heat. Lily huffs about defending Ashland (to Billy) – which so really regrets.

You’re a gambler, Victor reminds, He knows Billy must have a really bad hand to fold so quickly. You win – I couldn’t hack it with the big boys, Billy admits defeat. Well, I’ll be damned, Victor chortles.