Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

As Lily continues to eavesdrop, Sally’s suspicious of Adam’s sudden empathy and regret regarding Billy. You told me not to feel too badly for him. Adam likes to believe he’s become a more evolved being. I went too far. Billy’s the Father of my niece and nephew after all. Why’d you go after him so hard then? Adam wanted to shut Billy down and end the war.

Billy’s relieved Rey’s not there to arrest him. Bending the law never works out. Did you tell the Newmans that? Billy assumes (correctly) that Rey wouldn’t mind a chance to slap handcuffs on Adam.

Phyllis continues to blather to Jack about how loyal she is. Is everything alright with you? You seem off, Jack wonders if there’s a place they could talk privately.

Now at the office, Sally asks what kind of info Adam’s looking for on Billy. Forget it – let’s just hope he doesn’t drag too many people down with him. Adam sighs.

At home, Lily wastes no time telling Billy that Adam claims to be concerned for his welfare and asked Sally to spy on him. Billy fed her some appetizers – she did exactly what I expected her to do. That means my plan will work.

Rey’s going to visit Chance today, Sharon informs. Ester thought about dropping by until she heard that Jill was in town. Thank God Chance is alright. Sharon hopes he has no lingering effects from everything he’s been through and having to adjust so suddenly to Fatherhood.

Abby reluctantly lets Rey in to see Chance. Hey partner. I thought you were dead! The bros hug. The Chief said you’re welcome back at the station whenever you’re ready. Protective, Abby thinks Chance needs to rest and recover. Selfishly, she wants more time with her husband. And he wants to spend more time with his wife and son.

In her suite, Phyllis continues to babble nonsensically. Jack didn’t ask for privacy to talk about high-end hotel finishes. You seem nervous. Something shifted since I told you I love you. Don’t be sorry, Phyllis protests – you’ve been so supportive and kind; rooting for me and Nick; the Thanksgiving gesture – you came to my rescue. Our friendship is stronger than ever and if Phyllis has anything to do with it, it’ll stay that way.

After Rey leaves, Chance is listening to/watching Dominic on his phone. He wants to hear everything he missed. Abby can do better than that – I’ll be right back.

Rey’s back to tell Sharon that Chance is OK physically but not sure when he’ll be back to work. Sharon’s not surprised – it might take Chance a while to adjust (as it did for Mariah after her ordeal)

Abby’s brought down her tablet to show Chance the video diary she made. She hits play – Hey baby, I wish you were here Our son is about to arrive. I need you home, with me. I hate that I have to do this all alone. Chance stops Abby from going to the next recording – he wants to know everything. Abby’s sorry he had to hear that. Chance is glad he saw that. They’re about to kiss when Dominic starts to cry. Let me do this, Chance jumps to go in Abby’s place.

Thanks for spying on my spy, Billy quips – but this is not your fight, he tells Lily. This could have lasting effects on you, she worries about the huge risks. Yes, but you have to trust me on this; Billy has looked at other options – Jill and Jack are dead ends. Adam and Victor won’t stop until I’m broken and I’m running out of time. Billy wants to keep Lily out of it but wants her support. Can you back me here?

Jack agrees about their friendship. Who would think we could maintain it after all we’ve been through? Let’s establish some boundaries. Such as? Phyllis asks. Despite Jack’s feelings, he’s not about to rekindle things if it means glossing over pain of our past. It took a lot for Jack to put his heart back together – he couldn’t handle that again.

Sally doesn’t want to be one of the people Billy drags down with him. Then focus on your job and don’t let Billy’s stunts distract you. Forget we had this conversation – Adam turns his chair around and looks at his tablet to signal the conversation is over (but the act is over as soon as Sally huffs out looking confused)

Given what Adam’s already done, Lily worries about how far he’d go to hurt Billy. She has some misgivings about his plan – but I believe in you and I love you. Billy can’t ask for anything more than that. They snuggle, both looking serious.