Wednesday, December 15th. 2021

Don’t bother knocking, just come on in, Adam quips. Chloe gushes about Chelsea coming to work with them (the only reason she came to work for Adam) Chelsea might not want it as much as we do, Adam feels they might need to move forward without her. A smirk tugs at the corners of Sally’s smile.

Moses has to go run a few errands – alone – he has to go buy some Christmas gifts. I love shopping for gifts! Faith chirps. It’s for you genius, Noah bails Moses out. Avoiding questions about her relationship, Faith asks Noah if he still has feelings for Tessa.
Returning to the suite, Mariah admits that she didn’t go to work – she had to get out of the coffee shop. It’s not Faith’s fault, she doesn’t even know we were talking about becoming parents. But, Mariah can’t help but think how incredible it’d be.

Chelsea’s definitely joining the fashion platform, Chloe’s sure – she understands why she’s taking it slow. Of course Adam wants Chelsea onboard. Chloe adds that her BFF wants to meet Sally. When Adam asks Sally to stick around, Chloe leaves with a knowing look.

Tessa and Mariah are madly in love, Noah points out that he and Tessa broke up a long time ago. Faith saw the look on Noah’s face – a ‘what if’ look. Nothing could be further from the truth, he insists.

Mariah tells Tessa how stupid she felt, going to see someone else’s baby. Dominic is Abby and Chance’s son, Mariah didn’t think she had a maternal bone in her body. Knowing she wants a child while Tessa doesn’t, Mariah laughs it off. Not fair – Tessa wants a chance to respond.

Tessa and I are just friends, there’s no residual feelings, Noah assures Faith. Now, let’s hear more about you and Moses. Nice try, Faith laughs.

Tessa feels whatever Mariah feels – if you hurt, I hurt. If you’re a mess, you’re MY beautiful mess. Tessa might not be ready to commit just yet but she is willing to talk more about starting a family. Really? Mariah’s surprised.

Chloe’s at the penthouse to plead with Chelsea – come work with me. I’ve been saving a spot for you by my side. Chelsea feels disconnected to everyone in GC except Connor. Maybe I don’t belong here anymore. What?! Chloe’s shocked.

Adam’s been receiving anonymous videos of Billy. Sally’s cagey – someone willing to stick their neck out for you like that must be pretty special. This source might be walking into a trap, Adam probes – not many people would be willing to send me intel on Billy – do you have any thoughts on who it might be?