Monday, January 23rd, 2022

Chelsea’s obviously jealous of me, Sally claims. Professional or personal? Chloe can’t imagine it’s personal – you promised me you wouldn’t cross any lines with Adam. She’s not happy to hear that Sally was with Adam last night – have you been lying to me!?

Sally promises that nothing happened with Adam last night. Yeah, nothing says work like Caviar and vodka. How does she know about that? She stopped by the office earlier. Doubting Sally’s denial, Chloe asks if she has feelings for Adam. Sally quickly escapes to go rework all her ideas Chelsea just vetoed.

Noting Adam’s glance towards her brother, Traci’s glad to hear Adam plans to steer clear of Billy. He’s clawed his way back from the darkness you’ve embraced, Traci manages not to sound offensive. What you did for Faith was incredible, but you live for conflict. Traci’s right, Phyllis chimes in to protect her guest, a world renowned author, from Adam. Concluding that Billy’s on a downward spiral, Adam moseys over to ask Vikki why she’s not home with her husband. After he leaves, Billy thanks Vikki for not saying anything. Vikki didn’t think it the right time.

Traci thanks Phyllis for having her back with Adam – but he’s right, Billy brings a lot of his trouble on himself. Traci then wonders why Phyllis didn’t come over on Christmas Eve. You and Jack are good friends, that will never change – especially because of his nosy sisters.

Vikki will be in touch – be on the lookout for the next opportunity to advance our goal. When Traci comes by, Billy tells her that Vikki knows about the plan and supports it. He hopes she won’t say anything. Why would you want to engage with Adam? she lists all the good things Billy should focus on instead. Her appeal to Vikki for the sake of Johnny and Katie also falls on deaf ears.

When Chelsea stops by Adam’s office, he apologizes for leaving her alone last night. She’s fine – wanna take Connor to lunch? Adam accepts – we need to spend time with him before he goes back to school. He shrugs off last night’s business emergency – nothing for you to worry about. Good news – Jabot might be coming onboard with a sponsorship for the fashion platform. Sally Spectra just pitched me the make up fashion idea, Chelsea’s had enough mind games – Sally told me you rang in the new year together; she’s marking her territory. Chelsea wishes he’d been honest. Adam doesn’t think she’s a ‘mess’. He and Sally just watched an old movie together – there’s nothing going on between us. But, if it were, it wouldn’t be any of your business. Are you falling for Sally Spectra!? Chelsea’s horrified.

Adam’s not dating Sally – you two have to figure out how to work together. Anything else? he asks. Yes, Chelsea’s selling the penthouse. For the record, Sally doesn’t deserve you, she’s surprised he can’t see through her. Arriving, Sally’s surprised to see Chelsea – I thought you were going to get Connor. As she busies herself looking for a folder (behind the sofa) Chelsea leaves with Chloe. SHE’S the one putting on a show in there. Sally doesn’t seem to realize that I’m her boss. We need to fire her!

Chelsea’s a bit moody, huh? Sally opines as she takes down decorations. Stop it, right now, Adam scowls.

Billy believes that Adam’s vulnerability is his relationship with his Father. Lily doesn’t like this. We’re pawns in Vikki’s chess game – I refuse to let her use us!

Traci drops by Vikki’s office – she had a reply to what Vikki said back at the hotel – Billy’s plan is dangerous. She’s obligated to protect Billy, even if it’s from himself. That used to matter to you too – you’re using him. No, you’re underestimating him, Vikki argues. We both benefit by taking Adam down. If Billy suffers because of this, it’s on YOUR conscience, Traci leaves Vikki looking concerned.