Tuesday, January 11th, 2021

At the ranch, Vikki thanks her Dad for meeting them. No, she’s not there to gloat. Victor doesn’t care if they buy ChanceCom but Adam will. He chuckles when Vikki then floats also buying Newman Media.

Back at Society, Sally’s shown Chelsea 20 designs – only 2 of which she approves. 10% is pretty good – let’s run with these and see what happens. Sally whines that Chelsea hates everything that comes from her mouth. Chelsea’s bias against bad ideas. After some more biting words, Sally thanks Chelsea for her feedback. Mr Sunshine is here, Chloe’s barely uttered the words when Adam arrives. Chelsea jumps up to flock to his side. At the bar, Adam doesn’t want company – but caves when the topic is ‘Connor’.

Back at the table, Sally knows the key to coexisting with Chelsea is letting her know that she has no interest in Adam and wouldn’t stand in their way.

When Lily arrives on the patio, Nate has to go do domestic activities with Elena. That leaves Devon to update that he’s going after shared custody. Lily has good news – Billy’s going to be her COO. Devon wonders if a truce between Adam and Billy is even possible.

Leaving the fashion meeting,, Chelsea doesn’t think Connor needs to stay at the ranch – he has two parents who love We’ll figure it out, Adam’s sure.

Chloe didn’t think she’d be working with an Adam/Sally/Chelsea triangle and if Sally wants to prove that she’s ‘a team player’, she can go to NY to interview designers. When? ASAP.

Pleased to run into Nate at CL’s, Ashland updates that he’s doing great on his new treatment. He hopes to have many more years with Vikki.

At the ranch, Vikki explains why she came to her Father without Adam. But no, she’s not going after him – it’s just business. Is it personal for Ashland? Yes – it used t be his company. What Vikki really wants is to be a powerhouse in the field of media. Will you sell NM to me? You’re Victor Newmans daughter, he seems to be impressed – maybe.

Devon still has concerns about Billy – he might be a liability to you (professionally)

You really have changed, Chelsea smiles at Adam. He likes to think so.

Back at their table, Sally wonders whether the trip was Chloe’s idea or Chelsea’s. You’re not really a position to question your assignments – you work for me, Chloe reminds. You’re the face of the brand – Shine in this role and Chelsea will see the value you bring to the platform. Fine, Sally will go.

On the patio, Lily ends a call with Billy (in Chicago to see Jill) Heading inside, she greets Nate and tells him to have fun shopping. He hopes the acquisition goes well. Lily has more to say….

Vikki’s the mastermind behind the deal, Ashland tries to bail. Billy’s putting it all behind him – he’s turning the page; can you do the same?

Chelsea returns to say that he and Adam are in synch when it comes to Connor. Adam comes over – can I have a word? Chelsea stands. No – Adam wants to talk to Sally. That leaves Chloe to say she’s sending Sally out of town. Great – the only think in Chelsea’s way was Sally – and you took care of that for me. She looks outside to where Sally and Adam are chatting. He apologizes for snapping at her yesterday. When he drapes his coat around her shoulders, Sally invites him to come to NY.

Newman Media has become a company to be reckoned with in a short time, Victor points out. Sell it to me and Ashland before Adam destroys it. No, she’s not exaggerating. When you weren’t looking Adam almost let Billy destroy everything.