Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

At the office, Nikki congratulates Vikki on her big win – she was excited to hear that Jill accepted their bid for ChanceCom. The side benefits – Billy doesn’t have a media outlet to weaponize against the family. And here’s a little something. Vikki loves the gorgeous shoes. She then confides that Victor congratulated her on her first move but rejected her second.

Victor updates Adam – Billy wasn’t waving the white flag to be the bigger person (as Lily claimed) Vikki learned of his plan and put a stop to it (Victor details Billy’s scheme to clear his name) He then expresses his disappointment that Adam missed the big picture that Vikki was able to see.

Vikki wants to go after Newman Media for the same reasons she acquired ChanceCom. Ashland arrives – he approves of his wife’s plan to bring the media companies under one umbrella. Nikki wonders how much of this is sticking it to Adam. Vikki has more important things to do. Dad declined my offer to keep Adam employed – but be on the look out for more fabulous shoes. Ashland likes the new tradition – I’m an 11. Vikki’s annoyed that there’s a company out there with her name on is that’s not part of her empire.

Vikki’s the Mother of his children, she had more opportunity to catch Billy in his lies, Adam’s sure he would have figured it out. Victor asks about Sally taking the videos – was she in on it? No – she was just as shocked when Billy blurted out the truth. Newman Media was never in peril, Adam assures. He’s not happy to hear Victor will be taking a more active role around here. He’s not asking – this isn’t open to debate. You have a nice day, son.

A firm hand at the wheel, Ashland admires his wife playing hardball on the phone. And she loves that he’s feeling well and able to spend so much time with her. Vikki now realize that her Father likes winners. Yes, he rejected her offer to buy Newman Media but he did leave the door open to changing his mind.

Nikki can guess what dilemma Victor’s pondering over the chess board – Vikki wants Newman Media (which was news to Nikki) Did you tell Adam that Victoria wants to buy the company he runs?

Adam flashes back to kind words from Victor. He made it clear to the family that he’ll never turn his back on him. When Chelsea appears at the office, Adam barks at her, then quickly apologizes (he’s annoyed with someone else and shouldn’t have taken it out on her) What happened? Adam just had a reminder that when you’re a Newman there’s no such thing as independence.

Lily’s delighted with the flowers and card Billy’s sent. He’ll be back for her first day as CI’s CEO.

This is an unforgiving game, Victor’s analogy puzzles Victor. He’s pleased with how things are going with the Newmans; Abby, Nick, Adam. Ashland’s health’s improving too, Nikki adds. You and I have never been stronger, Victor declares. Both are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nikki’s worried by Victor being worried.

You always come out ahead in the end, Chelsea knows that Victor loves Adam (as exasperating he can be at time) Adam appreciates having someone to talk to who knows his history. Let’s go for a drink. Why not? Adam follows her out.

Still in the office, Ashland wonders if Nikki’s right – do you relish punishing Adam for his past crimes? No, Vikki’s not a vindictive person; Adam never deserved that position in the first place. He was handed an entire company. What Victor giveth he can taketh away, Ashland comments. Yes, and Vikki will make sure that happens.