Thursday, May 5th, 2022

Back at the house, Jack’s not sure he’d have ever seen Kyle again if Diane had taken him. He can’t think about Kyle/Diane without thinking of his relationship with Dina. It’s a miracle that we reconciled before she died; one of the greatest gifts of my life. Jack believes Diane leaving Kyle behind was the hardest decision she ever made. Kyle has an idea – put her to the full Abbott test.

Diane’s happy to receive a text from Kyle, asking her to come back out to the house.

After Kyle’s summoned his Mother back to the house, Jack will take care of the rest.

Lily hates that Ashland’s still walking around like he did nothing wrong – but still has concerns about how Billy’s using (or misusing) his new platform. Jack calls – drop whatever you’re doing, come to the house. Billy’s on his way. Reminded that they already have a meeting, Billy will make that his top priority – after he meets the family.

At TGP, Adam needles Diane. First rule of the resurrection club is we don’t talk about resurrection club. Second rule of resurrection club – don’t come back, Adam adds. Sally hangs back to look interested.

When Sally introduces herself as Adam’s co-worker, Diane’s sure it’s more – you were headed upstairs. Adam chides Diane for leaving Kyle behind when the plan was that they’d both go. She just wants a second chance, just like Adam got. He has no problem with that. Nice to meet you Sally, Diane says politely before leaving.

Jack and Kyle are now joined by Traci, Ashley and Abby at the house. Diane Jenkins is coming here!? Ashley’s horrified. She claims she got her life together, Kyle tells his skeptical family. Maybe she wants to do the right thing? Abby’s optimistic. Jack’s supportive, Traci referees. Kyle thinks that as a group, they’ll be able to tell if Diane’s really changed.

In their suite, clothes are peeled off as Sally and Adam kiss then tumble onto the bed.

What time is Diance’s broom scheduled to be here? Ashley snarks. 5 minutes ago. We must all help and support Kyle, Traci reminds. Ashley does NOT believe Diane’s undergone a magical transformation.

Still in bed, Sally’s very curious to hear about Diane. She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Adam explains that they worked together – to make it look like Victor was dead (to drive down NE stock) She was supposed to go start a new life with her son. Back to Sally – he appreciates a woman who can meet him on his level ~kiss~

Thinking she’d be alone with Kyle, Diane’s surprised to walk into a full-blown Abbott ambush. Welcome back bitch, Ashley glares. Traci and Abby are more diplomatic. Kyle announces that his decision will affect the rest of his family too – we’ll all have an opinion as to whether you’ve changed or not.