Thursday, May 12th, 2022

You’re projecting – you were trying to hold onto someone you love, Vikki believes Ashland was just using her to get control of the company. Sally finds it hard to believe Ashland didn’t love Vikki. Hopefully he’s moved on and will treat the next woman better. He’ll be haunted by how badly he treated you for the rest of his life. Sally really hopes things get better for Vikki.

Victor tells Mike that Vikki doesn’t trust a word that SOB says. There’s no temptation? No chance she’ll believe their love redeemed him? No, Victor’s convinced – Ashland fooled her once, he won’t fool her again. You worry Vikki’s rejection will make matters worse, Mike guesses. We’ve got to come up with a plan, Victor wants that SOB gone permanently.

Running into Ashland at CL’s, Nikki scoffs at the notion that his every move now is to ease Vikki’s pain. We’ve learned to pay attention to what you do, not what you say. If you love my daughter – prove it – leave her alone.

Crystal’s in the shower and Mariah’s off to her Mom’s house. She’s glad Tesse won’t be alone. The next time we see each other we’ll be walking down the aisle ~kiss~

Faith is amazed by the gift boxes Sharon’s put together for each guest. She also raves about how Mariah and Tessa love and accept each other – without hiding their flaws. The bride is here, Mariah arrives to announce. Happy that their sleepover gives Tessa time to spend with Crystal; an incredible gift from Rey. He’s making his presence known, Sharon smiles.

Back at the apartment, Crystal and Tessa are going through a selection of nail polish. She admires the portrait Noah painted of her and Mariah. We’ve all moved on (from Tessa dating Noah) and has grown close to Sharon. Crystal owes her freedom to Rey, a man she never met. She’s happy her sister gets to be part of this amazing family.

Ashland hopes Nikki’s not telling Vikki that he never loved her. Maybe one day I can earn her forgiveness. You’re toxic; an arrogant, emotionally stunted narcissist, Nikki doesn’t hold back. My daughter deserves better. What’s going on here? Vikki appears to ask.

Nikki was just telling Ashland how selfish he is to inflict his presence on you. It’s not worth it, Vikki doesn’t care. After Vikki goes to the counter to place her order, Nikki warns Ashland that she and Victor will find a way to take care of this little problem.

Our childhood was chaotic and unpredictable, Tessa tells Crystal that she and Mariah are going to adopt – save a child from growing up like we did. Mariah’s childhood was even worse – a literal cult. We’ve come close to losing everything but always found a way to make it work. Enough deep talk – time for hair do’s.

Mariah’s excited to be marrying the love of her life. Faith’s excited about dancing – she won’t go nuts trying to catch the bouquet. What’s Sharon looking forward to? All of it.

Back at the office, Vikki’s tired of this day. Nikki suggests they go away to a spa in Europe for a week. Far away from Ashland, Vikki adds. We have too much on our plate and I’m not on the verge of a mental breakdown (though Vikki doesn’t seem convinced)

Back at Society, Ashland’s having another drink when Sally comes over to remark that Vikki sat on that exact stool and was in the exact same mood. What does any of this have to do with you? Ashland wonders. Nothing, Sally’s a sucker for romance. Have a nice evening.

Too excited to sleep, Mariah comes down to have a heart-to-heart talk with her Mom. Your happiness doesn’t hurt me, Sharon finds the love she and Tessa share amazing. This is everything I want for you – don’t feel guilty ~hug~