Monday, May 16th, 2022

Jack’s first stop is Chance and Abby (who looks mildly perturbed as Jack whisks Ally off to meet the brides) Amanda again pesters Phyllis about her ‘friendship’ with Jack. Mariah and Tessa are delighted to meet Ally. Nick pulls an eager Faith away from Summer (so she and Kyle can talk) And, as Diane steps out from the scenery, Phyllis gives her the death stare.

Diane dodges a bullet when Jack intercepts Phyllis. He’s glad to have a stress-free night (no Diane) Let’s dance! Phyllis hauls him to the dancefloor (Diane continues to linger like a bad odour)

Noah and Crystal are chatting when Abby comes along – she’s so happy Rey was able to get all her charges dropped. Chance congratulates the Mother of the bride. Yes, she’s thinking about Rey. He’s on the dancefloor, they look over as if expecting to see him. Phyllis brings Jack to the sidelines to announce that Diane’s there. She won’t make a scene – I’ve got it under control. After mediating Summer congratulating Mariah, Kyle stomps over to lambaste his Mother – first you show up at the house unannounced, now here!?

Diane just came to see Kyle officiate the wedding. He’d appreciate it if she left. First, she’d like to say hello to Summer, please. It would mean so much to me. Kevin’s toast to the newlyweds brings a tear to his eye. Tessa and Mariah thank all for celebrating with them. Now it’s time for the party to begin, all pack onto the dance floor.

My Thoughts; Alrighty – where to begin … It’s been quite the revolving door lately. Rey’s exit (last of the Rosales family; I guess Lola’s chained to a stove in her Miami restaurant) New Ashland, new Summer (now played by Allison Lanier; she wasn’t kidding today when she told Mariah that she’d changed) … For such funky, badass ladies, it’s disappointing that Mariah and Tessa’s dresses were on the dowdy side… What’s wrong with Abby’s hair and why can’t anyone dance?? Is that Elena or Elaine from Seinfeld?? Odd (and dare I say refreshing) that Victor and Nikki didn’t feel the need to pop up. Did I miss the eating part of the wedding? Diane looks like she could use a sandwich (what the hell is she doing there anyway? Is there no security? Tessa’s supposed to be a superstar for heaven’s sake) … While it wasn’t shocking to see a same-sex wedding I almost fell off my couch when someone acknowledged it! Chloe said it – out loud – Just a few years ago Mariah and Tessa wouldn’t be able to legally marry – and how tragic would that be? These ladies have more chemistry than any current pairing in GC (except maybe for Phyllis and Nick) And it can’t be a coincidence that she said this to Kevin (played by Greg Rikaart; who married his husband in 2015) You could almost hear the ‘pride’ in his voice. Hehe – I’ll show myself out now.