Tuesday, May 31st, 2022

Summer and Kyle have invited Victor to the Abbott home – they’ve come to decision on how to handle Ashland Locke.

Adam crows at Society; Well, look who it is, GC’s least favourite glutton for punishment.

At CL’s, Jack suggests he and Phyllis go on a trip. Great idea and she’s in a great mood because she’s not thinking about ‘that woman who shall remain nameless’. On cue, here’s Diane.

Spotting Diane before Jack does, Phyllis gives him an enthusiastic kiss. Diane remarks that the kiss looked staged – and since they weren’t together in LA, maybe she brought the spirit of love back to town with her.

Planning to stay in town, Kyle’s decided to file a restraining order against Ashland. Victor approves – and has already had Mike do up the paperwork. Hold on though, Kyle wants to prepare Harrison first.

Taking a seat at the bar, Adam taunts Ashland – is this place your office now? Why are you still here? Vikki’s abandoned the company to go on vacation. No, she hasn’t abandoned the company, Ashland warns him not to get any ideas.

Neither Jack nor Phyllis associate the word ‘love’ with Diane. After Jack excuses himself to take a call, Phyllis gets all serious – let’s get something straight.

Ashland’s sure Vikki will come back soon; Newman’s thrived under her leadership (except for the division Adam runs – soon to be put out of business when Hamilton Winters merges with Chancellor) You won’t get Vikki to forgive you, Adam’s confident. Oh? Watch me.

Kyle worries about Harrison’s attachment to Ashland, so won’t rush into ripping him away from another member of his family. Victor and Summer worry that Ashland will use Harrison as a pawn. Kyle finally agrees – no sense prolonging the inevitable – tell Mike to file the restraining order. Victor suggests filing one against Diane too.

Jack hates you. No, Phyllis isn’t ‘overstating it’. Diane’s flattered by how intense Jack’s feelings are towards her – we share a lot of good history. When Jack returns, Phyllis turns the charm back on and sticks her tongue out at Diane as Jack leads her to the elevator.

When her phone goes off, Diane’s eyes widen – dammit Phyllis, she jumps up.

In her suite, Phyllis is all over Jack. We deserve this happiness. We’re inevitable. Putting the brakes on, Jack pauses briefly to wonder whether Diane’s the reason Phyllis can’t keep her hands off him.

Kyle doesn’t need a restraining order against his Mother – she’s respecting my boundaries. Victor suggests he rethink that. Back to Ashland, he’ll have Mike file the restraining order. Praising Kyle, Victor knows he’s a far better Father than Ashland could ever be.

Adam sends Sally a text – ‘Locke’s even more determined to win back Vikki’. Ashland gets a text alerting him that the nanny’s taking Harrison to the park – alone. Good news? Adam asks, Yes, very, Ashland leaves.

Adam’s surprised (and nervous) to find his Dad sitting behind his desk. Billy’s podcast is a joke but he was smart to sign The Grinning Soul to his platform. Victor has little patience for Adam’s whining about missing out at NE.

Handing the paperwork to Kyle to be signed, Mike excuses himself to take a call. Summer reminds Kyle about Harrison waking up crying for ‘Father’. Ashland used Harrison – we have to block his access. Kyle agrees.

Harrison! Father! In the park, Ashland offers to watch the boy while the nanny takes a break.