Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

Phyllis is at Jack’s – please let me explain! Oh, Jack heard her quite clearly at TGP. Diane’s getting in your head, and mine! Don’t let her have that power over us – please, Phyllis implores.

At CL’s, Summer gets a text from her Dad; Harrison’s having a blast with Christian. Diane arrives to say she has a confession to make.

An excited Sally bursts into Adam’s office to announce that she just closed an important deal. Adam’s news isn’t good – their plan to get Vikki and Ashland back together has hit a snag; Victor.

Devon’s invited Nate to sit in on a marketing meeting – then to TGP to plan the launch party.

Imani chats with Lily at TGP – she decided to sit in on today’s meeting in case any legal issues arise.

At the penthouse, Devon tells Nate that they’ll be meeting with Gwen; the head of their digital marketing agency – she’s concerned the merger might affect their working relationship. Amanda leaves and runs into Elena at the elevator. Join me for a coffee?

Adam updates Sally that Kyle and Summer filed a restraining order against Ashland. He’s still here and Vikki’s back from her vacation, so Sally thinks there’s still hope. If not, we’ll come up with a better plan. You’re the only one who should be running Newman.

Back at CL’s, Diane tells Kyle and Summer about her encounter at the park – Ashland knows you might be relocating to GC. But, don’t worry, she made it clear to him that she won’t intercede on his behalf with regard to Harrison.

Strongly believing that Phyllis orchestrated them running into Diane right after they made love, Jack demands the truth. If not, he’s not sure they can get past this.

Kyle’s glad his Mother’s astute enough to not be used by Ashland. Hearing about the restraining order, Diane can’t help but sympathize. Summer points out that you can love someone and still be toxic to them. Stopping by their table, Amanda lets Diane know she’s a friend of Phyllis’.

This is not about Diane, Jack says calmly. It’s ALL about Diane!!!!! Phyllis shouts. Yes, I was staking my claim – letting her know we are SOLID! Jack disagrees – you let everyone in the hotel lobby know that our relationship is just a weapon to use against an old enemy. You said ‘I accelerated things with Jack to shove it in your face, Diane’!