Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Now home, Elena flashes back to Imani saying she looks exhausted. Looking at her compact mirror, she sighs – I do look exhausted. Why am I letting her get to me? She then gets a call – you’ve got to be kidding me. I can’t believe this.

Back at TGP, Amanda scolds Imani – was that dig at Elena necessary? She just finished her shift. She’s relieved to hear that Imani got a date for tonight – John from marketing. Elena has nothing to worry about.

Victor’s come to the decision that they have to let it play out; we have to let Vikki go. Nikki’s not sure she can do that.

Coming out of the ballroom, Nate raves about the displays. When he gripes about Devon not agreeing to capitalize on the launch party, Imani likes his ideas. Amanda doesn’t look happy to see the pair chatting closely.

Tired of constant attacks and judgment, Vikki wishes Nick would understand why she’s making this move. He’s worried Ashland will hurt her again – but hopes it turns out exactly as she wants. Mom didn’t want me to marry Sharon but you supported me. And he supported Vikki when she married Billy. Will you support me now? she asks. Of course, Nick will always love his sister, that’ll never change.

Nikki can’t believe they’re just going to sit there and watch Vikki leave with Ashland. Victor’s sure she’ll realize they only want what’s best for her. She knows she’ll be welcomed back with open arms. Victor has an idea that might speed that up.

This is your moment, Billy congratulates Lily and Devon. It’s OUR moment. Nate praises the legal team. As all part ways to go get ready for tonight, Billy puzzles Lily – he has to go somewhere first.

Vikki appreciates Nick’s attitude, but wished he could be happy for her. I need to chart my own path. Sounds exciting, Nick tries to sound enthused. He looks forward to hearing about all her exciting news ~hug~

Vikki can take a break from her family because she knows we’d welcome her back. But that doesn’t apply to the company she’s poured her heart and soul into, Victor’s plan is to name Adam as CEO. That will be too much for Vikki to bear.

When Nate comes home, Elena delivers bad news – she got called into work tonight. Relaying her run-in with Imani, she’s sure she’ll be thrilled I won’t be going. Nate looks forward to a private celebration with Elena when he gets home ~kiss~

Dressed for the event, Amanda knows Neil’s watching down on Devon and Lily. We’ve come a long way too, Devon’s sure tonight will change everything.

At the office, Billy’s brought Lily a little something – so you never forget tonight. An amythyst ring. I love it, I love you, Lily thanks Billy for prioritizing ‘us’. Tonight will change everything, he says ~kiss~

Next Week. Summer’s got the perfect person to run Marchetti. Who? Kyle asks. My brilliant husband!… We’re an open book, Ashley invites Ally to ask her and Traci anything she wants…. Devon (and the rest) are surprised when Billy arrives at TGP with Jill!